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Here to bring HD images of Gurren Lagann wherever I can to this site. I hope my efforts are appreciated.

I alone seem to be using the HD version of the show and the movie to help this place.

I also seek to bring to light Gurren Lagann's heritage as a mecha show by pointing out what it took and where it got them from. Giving credit to whom and where it's due.

This should be obvious, but I don't do this out of any dislike for the series. It's more in the service of the genre it was trying to pay respects to anyways.

Gurren Lagann's main mecha designs[edit | edit source]

To get this element out of the way, the double face structure that all the mecha possess is blatantly taken from Gaiking. That's why this image has it encompassing them all.

The sources of inspiration for the 3 main Gurren Lagann mecha forms.

  • Gurren Lagann: Aside from the fact that within the show it was made out of bits and pieces of 6 mecha by the time it was finally completed, parts from mecha such as Zambot 3 (its crescent crest) and Great Mazinger (its chest boomerang) made it onto Gurren Lagann. And while it doesn't take design from Getter 2, it does use its primary weapon, the drill, in a large variety of other ways.
  • Arc-Gurren Lagann: This one is a bit harder to pinpoint, however the legs on it are based on Linebarrel and Jehuty, as well as the spine and lower torso. As for Gunbuster, I'm not too sure, maybe it's the shoulders. A bit of Eva's face design is incorporated into it too, though I think GaoGaiGar can be found in it as well.
  • Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann: It borrows a lot of elements from Getter Robo G (specifically Getter

    Shin Dragon's face. The elements that Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann derived from this are quite clearly visible, such as the red shade-like things on its face.

    Dragon), such as the detachable shoulder weapons (drills), and the face of the 2nd form of Shin Dragon, a Getter Robo G aggregate from Getter Robo Armageddon, red shades and all. It even does the signature Getter Dragon pose while rising out of a sea as Dragon did. Also, Great Mazinger's red chest boomerang is featured once again, as well as Diebuster's shoulders (once the drills are detached).

Again, the double face structure is all Gaiking.

The Episode titling sequence[edit | edit source]

As we more or less know, Gurren Lagann (minus the Compilation Episode) had an episode naming system where the line of a specific character spoken in that episode would be used as the title for that episode.

The only other place I've seen this system used myself is in After War Gundam X (another mecha show, funnily enough), and I don't know if it's used for any other mecha show besides those two.

The thing about the way Gurren Lagann did it though, is that for a set of episodes, a specific character would have his/her line within the episode be used as the title for said episode, the title font being a reflection of their character in some way. The succession goes as follows:

From the top left to the bottom right: Fonts used for Kamina, Nia, Rossiu, and Simon.

  • Kamina (Episodes 1-8)
  • Nia (Episodes 9-15)
  • Rossiu (Episodes 17-22)
  • Simon (Episodes 23-27)

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