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Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle (天元突破キッドナックル Tengen Toppa Kiddonakkuru?, literally "Heaven-Piercing Kidknuckle") is Kid's Tengen Toppa Gunmen, formed during the final battle with the Granzeboma in the second movie adaptation of the series, The Lights in the Sky are Stars. It works together with Iraak's Tengen Toppa Einsaurus and is later lost when it is used with the other Tengen Toppa Gunmen to form Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle draws its designs from the Kidknuckle and its derivative, Space Kidknuckle, being an apelike Gunman with large arms and small legs. Unlike its previous versions, the Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle has a small, monkey-like head on its shoulders in addition to the face on its chest; it also wields a staff in its hands instead of guns in its feet. It is the fifth Tengen Toppa Gunmen to appear after the Granzeboma destroys Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

In The Lights in the Sky are Stars

After Jorgun and Balinbow save Yoko, Kid and Iraak join the fight, circling the Granzeboma and firing at it together. Iraak goes in to wrestle it as Kid strikes it with Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle's staff, but the two are caught in the hands of Granzeboma and start to be crushed. They are saved by Zorthy's Tengen Toppa Sawzorthn and Makken's Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun. The two later join the rest of Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren in focusing fire on the Granzeboma before they combine their Tengen Toppa Gunmen to form Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Powers and Abilities

Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle uses its staff to attack. The mecha is also shown to shoot lasers, as it does so during its simultaneous attack with Tengen Toppa Einsaurus.



  • Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle's staff is based off of that wielded by the figure Sun Wukong/Son Goku, also known as The Monkey King from Journey to the West.
    • Additionally, the eyebrows on the 2nd face are a reference to Sun Wukong's Diadem.
  • In the fansub, its name was mistranslated as Tengen Toppa Kidd Knuckle.