Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Wiki

In the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann music video Parallel Works 9 "To Hell With Combining!", an alternate Team Gurren was featured. They piloted the same Gurren-lagann Type gunman, but with an altered appearance. Their insignia is a white 4-pronged flaming, open-mouthed skull that is displayed on the backplate of the silver Gurren.

Lagann Pilot

The redheaded Lagann Pilot

The tanned, redheaded Lagann pilot appeared out of thin air to physically attack an organized group of cat-like Beastman. After the enraged Beastmen entered their own gunmen, the Lagann pilot used his own Core Drill to summon Lagann. He is then assisted by the silver/grey Gurren. After provoking the leader of the Cat-like beastmen and his Dai-Gun, they combined into an alternate form of Gurren Lagann. Still out manned, they are assisted by the pilot of the Gurren Lagann wings and several other humans in hijacked gunmen. After combining with the wings, the three proceed to destroy the Dai-Gun with a duel Giga Drill Break.

Gurren Pilot 

The Gurren Pilot

The pilot of the silver Gurren was a brunette woman wearing glasses and a black jump suit. She arrived to help the out the out manned Lagann Pilot. She then proceeded to combine into Gurren Lagann, then combine again with the wing pilot.

Wing Pilot 


The pilot of the Gurren Lagann wings, was a blonde woman, who helped out Gurren-Lagann long enough to defeat the Dai-Gun.