Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Wiki

primera parte

lagann:1.5 meters

gunman: 9 to 10 meters

gurren: 9 meters

gurren lagann: 12 meters

enki: 12 meters

gunman of the werewolf beast: 30 meters approximately

dai-gunzan: about 300 meters

dai gurren: 300 meters

king kittan: 8 meters approximately

team dai-gurren gunmans: 8 to 10 meters

dai-gunkai: 350 meters long

sayrune: 12 meters to 18 meters

dai-gunten:320 meters

shuzack: 15 meters

dai-gundo: 15 meters

do-ten-kai-zan:350 meters

dekabutsu:approximately 8000 meters

lazengann:12 meters

second part

grapplers: 12 meters

mugann: 15 meters

arc gurren: 500 meters

big muganns:1500 meters

arc gurren lagann: 5,000 meters (although it could actually be 1,200 kilometers)

cathedral-lazengann: 6400 km (could be 120,000,000 km)

super galaxy dai gurren: 5000 km

space gunmans: just as big as arc gurren lagann

death spiral machine:approximately 10,000km

ash tanga: 60,000 kilometers (could be 600,000,000 kilometers)

super galaxy gurren lagann: 6400 km (could be 120,000,000 km)

anti spiral(omnipresent):infinite(the universe is infinite)

tengen toppa gurren lagann (physical size): 12,680,000,000 light years

granzeboma (physical size): equal to large to TTGL (arms 17,500,000,000 light years)

tengen toppa gunmans:1,268,000,000 to 10,000,000,000 light years

super tengen toppa gurren lagann: 528,000,000,000 light years (it could be 1,268 quadrillion light years, if we consider the multiplication of 10'5)

super granzeboma: just as big as STTGL

super tengen toppa giga drill break: 5,280,000,000,000 light years, 95.04 trillion light years wide drill (could be 12.68 quadrillion light years, 227 quadrillion light years wide)

anti spiral giga drill breakjust as big as STTGL giga drill break.

tengen toppa gurren lagann(real size):infinite multiverses (it has a super spiral space, which is full of infinite galaxies, which can have the extradimensional labyrinth, an infinite multiverse full of infinite universes that form infinite multiverses)

granzeboma:infinite multiverses (it is as big as ttgl)

super tengen toppa gurren lagann:beyond infinite multiverses(higher than ttgl)

super granzeboma:beyond infinite multiverses(just as big as sttgl)

super tengen toppa giga drill break:beyond infinite multiverses

anti spiral giga drill break:beyon infinite multiverses