Size, power and speed:

I just wanted a staff here to note that 91 billion light years is basically the size of the observable universe. The whole universe is much much much bigger than the observable one. So maybe you may want to re-state the size of the drill as "much bigger than the observable universe" instead of a multiverse, since for all we know the whole universe may be bigger than the drill by quite a margin. 

As for power: once again you may wanna change multiverse level to something lower (like universe+), since its current power in the article is based on the assumtpion that the universe is only 91 billion light years wide.

The Living Tribunal1 (talk) 21:10, October 20, 2016 (UTC)

SIze[edit source]

I can't find any official statement whatsoever about STTGL's height, but I think I've found the source of this page's claim. This translation of an official guidebook states that TTGL's height is 10^25 times Gurren Lagann's height. That source, while assuming a 5 meter Gurren Lagann for Arc- and Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, provides enough separation between that and TTGL to allow for some doubt as to whether that is referring to the assumed 5 meter height or Gurren Lagann's actual height, which can be reasonably estimated to be around 15 meters. That gives an approximate TTGL height of 5.28 billion light years for the 5 meter figure, or 15.8 billion for the 15 meter figure. However, combining the 5 meter TTGL height with one possible interpretation of the following sentence in parentheses, "In trafitional Gurren Lagann style it's multiplied by 10," gives a figure of 52.8 billion light years, the same as this page claims for STTGL. But that sentence is ambiguous, as it's unclear whether or not the multiplier has already been applied. In any case, such thing would apply to TTGL, making THAT 52.8/158 billion light years. By looking at Granzeboma compared to STTGL's foot (approximately 10 Granzebomas long) and multiplying by the average foot length-height ratio of 1:6.6, we get 4 possible figures for STTGL's height.

1. 5 meter Gurren Lagann, no 10x: 348.48 billion light years.

2. 15 meter Gurren Lagann, no 10x: 1.045 trillion light years.

3. 5 meter Gurren Lagann, 10x: 3.4848 trillion light years.

4. 15 meter Gurren Lagann, 10x: 10.45 trillion light years.

Even the smallest of these possibilities is nearly seven times the listed size, and thus I believe the page should be updated to accomodate that.

EDIT: Upon further examination, the entire page is in dire need of a rework anyway.

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