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Princess KnightEdit

Just came across which is apparently the first appearance of Sapphire in her 'knight' costume in Ribon no Kishi (also called Princess Knight). The glasses look familiar. Could Kamina's look be based on this? talk2ty 10:41, January 25, 2015 (UTC)

Back stabber ` Edit

Well i LOVE the show but i think kamina knew about simons fellings for yoko and in my eyes he CRUSHED them i dont know it may just be me but in the first episode and in episode 6 yoko said "if he(simon) worked at it he could become a good man" i dont know what this means to some but to me it looks like yoko likes simon e specially when in the first episode simon slames into yokos boobs and yoko smiles and when she sees a gunmen she pushed him back in to her boobs soooooo if you get the picture and u see where im coming form then why didn't yoko go with simon.In my books this makes kamina a back stabber and its not fun.

p.s. To me this is frustrating! And yes i know im pritty late to this 

note this is my opinion and you dont have to take it into consideration i just needed to get it out. sorry if i hurt your fellings. but yoko should have been with simon

Wouldnt Kamina's last appearence be in episode 26? I understand that he's sorta a ghost or something, but he is technacilly Kamina. 12:42, June 9, 2018 (UTC)