Spiral Beings

Spirals or Spiral Beings are entities that contain the energy of evolution or "Spiral Power". Spiral Power can be within life forms with helical DNA or even in galaxies in a spiral. Spiral Power amplifies a spiral person's potential infinitely and causes them to be blindly driven towards their goals. Spirals are identified by their complete drive to continuously fight and evolve regardless of the circumstances surrounding their evolution.

Other races recognized and feared the limitless potential of Spiral Power and formed a group against them called the Anti-Spirals. The Anti-Spirals had fought a war with the Spirals and won. The Spirals were forced to flee back to their homelands - one of which was Earth. After the Anti-Spirals conquered the galaxy, they installed Spiral life-form Annihilation Devices on any world where they detected a spiral life-form signature. When the above ground life form population exceeded a set limit, the device then activated and destroyed whatever Spiral life-form present on the planet. In the case of the Earth, the Annihilation Device was its moon. When the Earth's human population reached the set limit (1 million), the moon would start on a collision course straight into the Earth and destroy the human race, who were at the focal point and spearhead of this Spiral progression.