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Shuzack (シュザック, Shuzakku) is the personal Gunman of Cytomander.


The Shuzack is a white, slender humanoid Gunman sporting a massive pair of wings. Each of its feet holds a miniature Levi-Sphere enabling flight. Like the custom Gunman of the other Generals, the Shuzack can also transform - in its case, into a massive skeletal face with a wing-like crest and thin, clawed limbs under the chin.

Armaments and capacities

The Shuzack is best suited for aerial superiority and its slender design indicates that it must be focused on agility rather than power. Its multi-jointed frame allows for both arms to extend and retract in close-quarter situations. Its torso also holds a deadly buzzsaw. Unfortunately, the full extent of its second form's abilities are unknown, as the Shuzack was immediately destroyed following its transformation, along with its pilot, when it got in the way of the Dai-Gurren ramming into the Dai-Gunten.

In the first film, Gurren-Hen, the second form of Shuzack attempts to attack Gurren-Lagann by manifesting metallic needles from every seam of its body. However, it is destroyed before Cytomander can finish declaring the attack (he managed to say "Demolition Dr-" before Gurren Lagann pinned him down with its sunglasses), leaving the details of the technique a mystery.


Shuzack's romanized name corresponds to Suzaku, the Vermillion Bird of the South, one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations.