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Pachinko Gunmen

BafBaf! Do You Like Being That Fired Up!! [Original: 「BafBaf!そんなに燃えるのが好きかい?」] is the second episode of Gurren Lagann Parallel Works. It depicts Viral's encounter with a new Gunman, and his subsequent attempt to use it against Team Gurren.


In the wastelands of Earth, Viral's Enkidu faces a strange green Gunman that resembles a massive pachinko machine. Curious, he turns a dial on the other mecha's body, causing several silver balls to be launched into the field of pegs and wheels. As Viral's eyes bounce around, trying to keep track of the balls, one of them lands in a slot below the middle of the field. This activates a slot machine in the center of the Gunman's body, with each reel displaying numbers from 1 to 9 (with an image of a Gurren Lagann character on each).

Interested, Viral continues to turn the dial, trying to line up three of the same number. After numerous tries, he finally seems about to land a row of 2's (represented by Adiane)...only for the middle reel to stop at 1. However, a small miracle (seemingly intervention from Adiane herself) allows the reel to move once more, stopping at the 2 Viral desires. Elated at his victory, Viral emerges from Enkidu, only to see the slots vanish, replaced by a gradually swelling "555". Realization dawns on the Beastman...seconds before the pachinko Gunman emits a giant blast of flames at Viral.

The scene cuts to the depths of space, where Gurren Lagann faces off with Enkidu and the pachinko Gunman. After Viral shows how it works, Kamina immediately jumps to the challenge, repeatedly turning the dials as Viral waits for the imminent attack. However, Kamina is not particularily good at this game-most of the balls fail to even make it up the chute. Suddenly, one ball approaches the slot activator...and falls past it.

Kamina sighs disappointedly, but before he can try again, Yoko knocks him out of the control seat and gives it a go herself. She almost immediately lands a ball in the slot activator, sending the reels spinning. Both the left and right reels land on 9's, leaving the middle one to stop at...1.

As Yoko seethes at her failure, Simon eagerly takes his turn, using his Core Drill to supercharge the pachinko machine. The field is promptly flooded with balls, causing the slots to rapidly cycle through various combinations. Eventually, he manages to get 7's and 6's in opposite corners, leading to a bizarre sequence depicting a clash between Kamina and Lordgenome. The central slot stops at 8...but then the Spiral Gauge climbs, and the middle row has triple 7's.

With this impressive result, Kamina, Yoko, and Simon exchange hi-fives. Elsewhere, Leeron pulls Boota out of his collar, where the little pigmole had been making him squirm throughout the previous sequence. Even Viral is gleeful at the result, and he goes to give the pachinko Gunman a hi-five of his own...just as the latter is about to launch its attack. Once again, Viral barely has time to cringe in dismay before Enkidu is engulfed in a fiery blast.


  • The pachinko Gunman contains a variety of references to the wider Gurren Lagann anime. The dials in its body bear the emblem of Team Dai-Gurren, while the Dekabutsu sits above the slot reels. The background of the slots themselves resembles Lordgenome's throne room in Teppelin, and some of the spiral-tipped pillars floating above said throne can be seen in the lower right corner of the machine. The moon is represented by a large blue light above the Dekabutsu, while the slot reels depict various characters for the numbers.
  • All the present Gurren Lagann characters (and strangely enough, even Gurren Lagann itself) has a slightly different face in this video, such as having bigger eyes.
  • This is one of the few times 3d mechas appear.
  • The characters representing the numbers on the reels are: Simon (1), Adiane (2), Rossiu (3), Thymilph (4), Yoko (5), Lordgenome (6), Kamina (7), Viral (8), and Nia (9). Each character has a short animation when two of the same are aligned:
    • Simon holds up his village's tunneling drill and revs it.
    • Adiane waggles her tongue with a crazed expression on her face.
    • Lordgenome leans forward and grins evilly, head flaring with Spiral Power and beard tips curling (similar to his powered-up state in the anime).
    • Kamina turns towards the screen and lowers his sunglasses with a smirk.
    • Nia clasps her hands and makes a happy expression-complete with hearts near her head.
  • The Gunmen's left and central slot reels set the numbers in ascending order (2 above 1, 6 above 5, etc), while the right reel has the numbers in descending order (3 below 2, 8 below 7, etc).