My Gurren is Sparkling!!
English Name My Gurren is Sparkling!!
Japanese Name Ore no Gurren wa Pikka-Pika!! (俺のグレンはピッカピカ!!)
Episode Number 5.5
Director Hiroyuki Imaishi
Writer Kazuki Nakashima
English Airdate N/A
Orginal Airdate 25th October 2007
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode
My Gurren is Sparkling!! or "Ore no Gurren wa Pikka-Pika!!" (俺のグレンはピッカピカ!!) is short ten minute OVA released with the DS verison of the game if it was pre-ordered. It was made from a failed script for the show, and is sometimes referred to as Episode 5.5.

Short Summary Edit

Kamina, Simon and Yoko are resting when Chitori (ティトリ) sneaks up on Kamina and spray paints his glasses black. Kamina mistakes it for blindness and Chitori cleans the glasses for him. She offers to clean up Gurren, which Kamina agrees to, resulting in her stealing Gurren.


As the Team Gurren rests in a canyon, Chitori--a young cat-like beastgirl--sneaks up on a sleeping Kamina and uses a permanent marker to black out his sunglasses. When Kamina wakes up, he immediately assumes himself to be blind and makes a huge fuss until an annoyed Yoko pulls off his sunglasses. Chitori then impresses Kamina by polishing his shades to a mirror-shine with a quick spray of her special cleaning solution. She then volunteers to clean the rather grimy Gurren. Jealous of Lagann's shine (which is thanks to Simon's tireless work), Kamina grants her permission. But just as Chitori engulfs Gurren in lather, an enemy Gunmen comes flying into the canyon. Kamina and Yoko join Simon in Lagann in order to chase the Gunmen down, but rather than fighting the Gunmen begins running in the opposite direction.

Lagann gives chase, but the trio soon become concerned that they might be running right into a trap. Just as they decide to turn back, Lagann is attacked from behind by a surprisingly clean Gurren. It seems that Chitori set them up in order to allow her partner-in-crime, Jigitalis (ジギタリス) to steal Gurren. Simon attempts to unite Lagann with Gurren in order to take it back, but Jigitalis produces a Gunmen-sized nail bat and knocks Lagann away. Angered by the theft of his robot, Kamina jumps out of Lagann intending to take Gurren back with his own two hands, but promptly falls of a cliff instead. Before Simon and Yoko can rescue him, Jigitalis' counterattack forces them to back off. Fortunately, Kamina saves himself by embedding his sword in the cliff wall, and when he climbs back up, he discovers an abandoned rabbit-like Gunmen.

Meanwhile, Simon finds himself outclassed by Gurren and the other Gunmen, but is suddenly rescued by Kamina and his new Gunmen, which he names Usaggon (to Jigitalis' (Daorek's former owner) annoyance). Kamina knocks Gurren away and tells Simon to unite with Usaggon--and idea Simon isn't terribly fond of. Nonetheless, Kamina has his way, and Usaggon-Lagann is born. Despite its lack of arms, Usaggon-Lagann (ウサピョンラガン) is able to deliver a stunning blow to Gurren, giving Simon the chance he needed to abandon Usaggon and re-unite with Gurren. Having lost control of Gurren, Jigitalis abandons the mech and runs for Usaggon, while Kamina jumps back to Gurren. Unfortunately, Jigitalis is saved when Chitori enters the scene with a Gunmen of her own, Megaheads (メガヘッズ) and combines with Daorek (ウサピョン), allowing them to escape unharmed.

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