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Simon manipulating the Multiverse

The series of alternate universes that are made instant to instant as they are recognized

Multiverse Labyrinth (多元宇宙迷宮, Tagen Uchū Meikyū, lit. multiple-universe labyrinth) also known as the Extradimensional Labyrinth in English dubbed version, is a prison-like extra-dimensional space developed by Antispiral, where he traps the consciousnesses of the victims, by manipulating the Multiverse and exposing the victim to infinite possibilities. As possibilities are recognized, more alternate realities continue to branch. Antispiral has dropped numerous Spiral warriors up to this point and forced them into ruin.

The nature of the labyrinth is that the universes are always branching and progressing simultaneously at the same time where people cannot recognize it, because the "possible future possibilities" are transformed into the "universes" as they are. The physical bodies of said "victims" are being left on their original places as Antispiral only sends their consciousnesses drifting through the infinite possibilities. As long as the target is intelligent, they cannot escape this technique unless they gain recognition of their true selves inside the space and are able to invoke Spiral Power. Simon escapes from the Multiverse Labyrinth after being made aware of his origin by the spirit of Kamina, then invokes his very own Spiral Power to integrate with the Multiverse and rescue the members of Team Dai-Gurren from the endless chain of possibilities.


  • The Final Drill Databook suggests that the amount of multiverses are more than one, such as Simon's multiverse, Yoko's multiverse, Team Dai-Gurren's multiverse, Viral's multiverse, along with many multiverses from Spiral warriors from the past.
  • Kazuki Nakashima, whom responsible for Gurren Lagann's scripts. Believes the interpretation of the multiverse has advanced so rapidly in the last few decades, from 4-Dimensional to 11-Dimensional, making the Multiverse Labyrinth compatible with the M-theory or corresponding 11 dimensional realities.
  • These are the parallel worlds in which the Parallel Works series (aside from Episodes 8 and 9) take place.
  • The idea of the Multiverse Labyrinth follows the Quantum Cosmology mechanic said by Lordgenome in episode 23 where universe only becomes a fixed reality when observed, and heavy suitable to many-worlds interpretation theory.


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