Moshogun (モーショーグン, Mōshōgun?), piloted by Makken, is part of Team Dai-Gurren 's main Gunmen squad. One of its weapons is a large katana, and its physical appearance is that of an ancient Japanese samurai. Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Moshogun, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Leite, who also equipped them with Spiral Power-based weaponry. Makken is the first to appear to face the Mugann threat in his newly rebuilt Gunman. The Space Moshogun sports more armor and two katana as opposed to one. It was destroyed when Makken took a suicide dive into an Anti-Spiral missile in an effort to protect the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren.

Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun screencap.png

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