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Mo-Shogun (モーショーグン, Mōshōgun?), piloted by Makken, is part of Team Dai-Gurren's main Gunmen squad. One of its weapons is a large katana, and its physical appearance is that of an ancient Japanese samurai. Believed to be destroyed after the adoption of the Grapearls by the human military, the Mo-Shogun, among other Gunmen from Team Dai-Gurren, were in fact retrieved and maintained by Makken and Leite, who also equipped them with Spiral Power-based weaponry. Makken is the first to appear to face the Mugann threat in his newly rebuilt Gunman. The Space Mo-Shogun sports more armor and two katana as opposed to one. It was destroyed when Makken took a suicide dive into an Anti-Spiral missile in an effort to protect the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren.


Kamina Sword - It can fight with Kamina Sword

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