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Littner (リットナー Rittonā?) is a village next door to Jeeha Village.

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Before the rise of Lordgenome it was a weapons stronghold. It used to be underground but because of a poisonous gas leak in the food storage, the people fled and began to seek out an existence on the surface as a result. It was around this time that Thymilphs' Beastmen took notice of Littner and began to attack it. This prompted the people of Littner to fight back with the weapons from the storage in order to survive. As time went on, the attacks on Littner were having adverse side-effects on Jeeha Village by the arrivals of the Beastmen triggering tremors that turn into catastrophic earthquakes that caused misery for the people of Jeeha.


It wasn't until the arrival of Simon and Kamina, two villagers from Jeeha that arrived on the surface after dispatching a Gunman that crashed through the ceiling of their village, that the fight managed to turn in the favor of Littner with the capture of the Gunman Gunzar, later renamed Gurren by Kamina, and the defeat of the Beastman commander Viral at the hands of the recently formed Gurren Lagann. It was around this time that the villages mechanic discovered the location of the Beastmans' headquarters, prompting them to go and destroy it. sometime later, the women and children of Littner were taken in by the village chief of Jeeha for safety. After the capture of the Dai-Gunzan, later renamed Dai-Gurren, that Littner payed witness to the broadcasted execution of Team Dai-Gurren by Guame, only for Simon to defeat the Divine General and unknowingly inspire all of Humanity to come to the surface to fight the Beastmen, including Littner.

Seven Years Later

Seven years later, Littner Village was destroyed in a Mugann assault that was heading for Kamina City; leaving Dayakka, Leeron, Yoko, and Tetsukan the last (known) humans born from Littner.

Notable residents