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Leyte Jokin (レイテ・ジョーキン, Reite Jōkin?) is the chief engineer of Team Dai-Gurren and Leeron's direct subordinate. She is a skilled and ingenious mechanic, an ideal work partner for the naturally gifted Leeron. Her central duties revolve around maintaining Dai-Gurren's spiral engine, which appears less technologically sophisticated in Fortress-class Gunmen thus requiring additional fuel beyond spiral power. Her personal trademarks are her lab coat and a cigarette she holds in her mouth.


Anti-Spiral War Arc

In Part II, Leyte's role in the story is expanded from a virtual background character to an important member of the supporting cast. She is married to Makken, whom she affectionately calls "Oto-chan" or "Daddy" ("Darling" in the official subtitles and the dub), and the two have three children. Leyte and Makken operate a small business servicing mechanical equipment and automotive vehicles, though on occasion they get contracts to develop weapons from the New Government. She and Makken have great faith in Simon and his capacity as a decision maker; their loyalty to him urges them to resist Rossiu by rebuilding the scrapped Gunmen of Team Dai-Gurren, refitting them with Spiral weaponry capable of damaging Mugann. Leyte also refits Gurren Lagann's power pack to allow it to reach escape velocity, but opts out of the Battle of Earth to stay with her children on the surface. When Team Dai-Gurren is reformed, she assumes her old post as engineer of the gang's flagship, the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. She eventually ends up as one of the fourteen pilots of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, battling Granzeboma to both avenge Makken's death at the hands of Anti-Spiral and for the freedom of the entire universe.

In Anti-Spiral's parallel world illusion, her desired job appears to be an elementary school teacher, together with Lordgenome as principal. (In The Lights in the Sky are Stars, Makken appeared here as well, having survived the battle beforehand.)


  • Leyte is the only character besides Kiyoh to become a mother.


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