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Leeron Littner (リーロン・リットナー Rīron Rittonā?), or simply "Ron", is the village mechanic of Littner, who is able to repair and scavenge the various Gunmen his group encounter. Leeron first helps Simon with repairs to Lagann. When Kamina, Yoko, and Simon go off to fight the Beastmen, Leeron offers to go to help with repairs. Along the way, they help to give information about both Gurren and Lagann, as well as the Gunmen the team finds in its travels.



Leeron is fairly flamboyant and openly, stereotypically gay. This often played as comic relief in the series, with Leeron often taking their campness to ridiculous levels just for the sake of freaking people out. Despite this, Leeron is a very rational person and more than capable of being serious when they need to be.

Leeron is also one of the most loyal members of Team Dai-Gurren, being the only adult member of the team (other than Kamina) to never doubt Simon; while the majority of the team seemed completely shocked by Simon's recovery after Kamina's death, Leeron was simply smiling as though they knew he would make a comeback the entire time.


Leeron possesses an extraordinary aptitude for both technology and mechanics and is in charge of maintaining team Dai-Gurren's Gunmen. Much like Rossiu, Leeron seems to have a keen sense for trouble and is often prepared for the misfortunes that befall their team. Unlike the Spiral King, Leeron has total faith in Dai-Gurren team to claim victory in their battles. Leeron never joins the fight, except for the battle against the Anti-Spirals. They usually stand clear of the fighting while providing tactical support to the Gunmen pilots through their communications systems.

Powers and Abilities

Despite not specializing in combat or fighting ability, Leeron is lauded for their intelligence and creativity and is vaunted as the most intelligent human in the series by Lordgenome himself. Their genius allows them to create and modify vast machinery into a variety of forms and explain the abstract phenomenon that occurs in the Gurren Lagann Universe.

They're noted for being the one who educates the rest of the cast on peculiar happenings and has been responsible for the many scientific breakthroughs that have been yielded by Team Dai-Gurren. According to Leeron themself, the human race owes their intelligence and aptitude to their own Spiral Power considering with the span of seven years they went from being dysgraphic and illiterate to programming interstellar machines.


  • Leeron's english voice actor is Steve Blum, who is probably best known as the English voice of Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop. Although the voice he uses for Leeron is more similar to the Naruto character Orochimaru.
  • Leeron's name is derived from the Japanese word for "Theory" (理論, Riron), which may be in reference to their high intellect and technical skill.


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