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The Lazengann (ラゼンガン Razengan?), meaning "Spiral Face", is Lordgenome's personal Gunman.



The Lazengann is a tall, black mecha, with a tail used for attacks, a helmet adorned with a single horn, and a mouthplate on its chest armor. Its body has multiple holes in it from which drills can protrude. Notably, where Lazengann has one horn, Gurren Lagann has two (though it should be noted that Gurren Lagann's horns come from Enki's broken helmet).

The Lazengann is apparently a Gurren-Lagann-type mech, and as such has the same abilities that the Lagann can use. However, it is much stronger and can use more powerful drill techniques, as well as defend against the Gurren-Lagann's techniques with ease. Unlike the Gurren-Lagann's large, bulky Giga Drills, the Lazengann primarily uses long, slender drills that can change angles in mid-extension and can be used as whips.

Lazengann's spiral dashboard is also different from that of the Lagann's: the spiral is more jagged and composed of squares, compared to the smooth and more circular theme of the Lagann. Its spiral color is red, unlike the green of the Lagann, and the spiral gauge within the cockpit rotates counter-clockwise when filling, rather than clockwise.

Interestingly, the Lazengann is apparently in part powered by Lordgenome's sexual concubines imprisoned inside drills. This is probably to compensate for Lordgenome's lack of a second pilot to generate sufficient Spiral Power after a long period of non-use.

Role in the anime

Lazengann vs Gurren Lagann

Lordgenome used the Lazengann in a climatic battle against Simon and Rossiu in their Gurren-Lagann, overpowering the other mecha. Simon attempted to use the Lagann Impact attack on the Lazengann, but Lordgenome self-destructed the arm the Lagann attached itself to, preventing Simon from hijacking the Lazengann's systems. The Lazengann then fought the Lagann on its own, meeting the smaller mech's drill with its own Giga Drill attack, but was unable to overpower Simon and was destroyed in the process.

Lazengann absorbs Infinity Big Bang Storm

The mecha was later recreated as part of the Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann, but sacrificed by Lordgenome's heroic move Lazengann Overload which converted itself and the energy from the Granzeboma's Infinity Big Bang Storm into pure Spiral Power, taking the form of a gigantic drill with Lordgenome's head on the tip, that was ingested by the Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's abdominal mouth, allowing the robot to use a powerful Giga Drill attack. (In the movie, this energy is instead used to form Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann).

In Parallel Works,And Others

See Parallel Works episode 8


In the eighth Parallel Works video, it is revealed that as a child Lordgenome found a mecha very similar to Lagann. It is assumed that this mech eventually combined with another to form Lazengann, which would account for the similar energy readings to Gurren-Lagann that it emits during the battle of Teppelin.

In the same video, it is also shown that Lordgenome had his own equivalents of Arc-Gurren Lagann and Chouginga Gurren Lagann during the first Anti Spiral War, using the Dekabutsu and Cathedral Terra, respectively.

Named attacks

Lazengann Overload

Lazengann Overload: A kamikaze move used to block the Anti-Spirals attack. Once the Lazengann is destroyed, the pilot becomes one with the energy, turning it into spiral power. The energy is then turned into the form of a drill, which can be absorbed by ally mechas.

Giant Drill Mode

Unnamed Giga Drill attack: Lazengann summons a massive amount of drills, then weaves them together to form a gargantuan drill larger than the Dekabutsu's head. Despite its size and strength, however, Simon (having just experienced a burst of determination and rage) was able to break the drill and damage Lazengann using only his Lagann.

Drill Bullets: Appearing only in the Otoko Series, this attack allows Lazengann to shoot bullet-shaped drill missiles. The bullets are powerful enough to temporarily down the Gurren Lagann, though it was able to get up a few seconds later.



  • Lordgenome is capable of transforming Cathedral Terra into Cathedral Lazengann, much like Simon turned it into Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann.
  • Lazengann bears some similarity to an Eva Unit from Evangelion, with colors similar to that of the Master Gundam in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.
  • Lazengann's name is similar in sound to Rasengan, a technique from the Naruto anime unique in that it's power comes from spiraling chakra.