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Kiyalunga (キヤルンガ Kiyarunga?) is Kiyal Bachika's personal Gunman. It is seen when Kiyal is training with Kittan on the Dai-Gurren. Following the Seven-Year timeskip, many Gunmen were phased out and scrapped in-favor of the more advanced Grapearls, during the battle against the Anti-Spirals and most of Team Dai-Gurren regaining their Gunmen for battle, Kiyalunga is nowhere to be seen, indicating that it was one of the Gunmen that was already destroyed.


King Kittan using kiyalunga as a shield and spear

  • King Kittan Deluxe: Kiyalunga can turn into a spear and shield for use by the King Kittan. This is the only unique ability or function that this particular Gunmen is shown to have, and there is no other name stated for it.