Kiyal Bachika (キヤル・バチカ Kiyaru Bachika?) is the youngest of the Black Siblings and the most mischievous. Just like Kiyoh, she was helping out in Dai-Gurren's control room until Episode 13, when she starts aiding in the front-lines piloting a customized Gunmen, Kiyalunga (named after herself), which can transform into a shield and lance that can be wielded by Kittan's Gunmen, King Kittan.

Etymology Edit

Kiyal's name comes from yaruki meaning 'willingness'.




First Half Edit

Kiyal has a fang sticking out on the left side of her mouth.

Second Half Edit

After the time skip, she lives with Dayakka and Kiyoh, childishly criticizing Rossiu's actions against Simon.


Trivia Edit

  • She (arguably) has the smallest role in the series out of the Bachika siblings in the anime. In the manga, her role is significantly increased.
  • In the second round of Parallel Works, Kiyal gets her own segment, "Kiyal's Magical Time", featuring a pre-teen Kiyal in her own "Magical Girl" series.


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