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Kittan Bachika (キタン・バチカ Kitan Bachika?) is the pilot of the King Kittan Gunmen. He is the only male member of the Black Siblings and is, at first, a rival to Kamina, but later on accepts Kamina as a leader.


Kittan is a tall man with a well-built physique and spiky blonde hair. Originally, he wore a black, sleeveless shirt, black pants, and black shoes, but after the 7-year time skip, he had a new outfit similar to his old one, but was darker blue as opposed to black, and had various red and gold details.


Kittan is shown to be egotistical and shares similar traits to fellow Team Dai-Gurren member, Kamina. After Kamina's death, Kittan considered himself to be the team's new leader, even though no one else agreed.


Beastmen War Arc

Kittan as he appears in Part 1

Kittan is first introduced as the leader of the "Black Siblings" and is the oldest of the Black Siblings. During his first encounter with Team Gurren, he mistakenly confuses Kamina for a Beastman. This is reconciled, when it is discovered that Kamina is piloting the Gunmen, Gurren. Shortly after, the two teams (the Black Siblings and Team Gurren) come into contact with the sixteen-headed enemy Ganmen, whom the Black Siblings had crossed paths with earlier. After the eventual defeat of the enemy Ganmen, the two teams part ways. (In the manga, they meet up with Kamina and co. at the same time Viral makes his entrance.)

Kittan eventually parts ways with his sisters, who join up with Team Gurren soon after, before returning to aid Team Gurren against Thymilph in his own acquired Gunman, King Kittan, and with others inspired by Kamina who obtained Gunmen of their own they have captured and customized. This event consequently leads to the formation of Team Dai-Gurren. As a result of the death of Kamina, Kittan temporarily takes over as the leader (though self-proclaimed) of the team, but after Simon recovers from his depression over Kamina's death, Kittan transfers the control of leadership to him.

Anti-Spiral War Arc

Kittan after seven years

After the war, Kittan became the Chief of the Legal Affairs Bureau in Kamina City, but resigned after discovering about Rossiu's plan to evacuate Earth using the Arc-Gurren, along a small fraction of the human population, and abandoning the rest to die, when the moon falls. Before leaving, he demanded Rossiu to return the Core Drill he took from Simon and rushed on his Gunmen to deliver it back to him.

Kittan meets his demise by protecting the other members of Team Dai-Gurren. Chouginga Dai-Gurren (Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren), unable to escape the incredibly dense space sea produced by the Death Spiral Machine, is ordered by Simon to move towards the center of the sea, where the Machine rests surrounded by a powerful shield. After the Chouginga's weapons fail to get anywhere near the shield, Kittan offers to take the Space King Kittan on a mission to destroy the shield and fire spiral-based missiles at the core of the Death Spiral Machine, but not before stealing a kiss from Yoko, and apologizing for "his selfishness". Hinting that he knows that he is going to die, Kittan vows not to go out "saying any showy crap like 'Later buddy'". Though he successfully breaks through the shield, the Space King Kittan is crushed by the immense gravity of the space sea, leaving Team Dai-Gurren shocked at what they think is the death of Kittan.

Kittan as he dies

However, the original King Kittan, wielding one of the drills that broke off from the Gurren-Lagann when it was attempting to transform Chouginga Dai-Gurren into humanoid form, flies towards the Machine's core, screaming his final speech. Kittan awakens his own Spiral Power, melding the drill to his King Kittan, and performing his own variation of Kamina's signature attack, the Giga Drill Break, to destroy the Death Spiral Machine. The resulting explosion engulfs and kills Kittan, who notes before he dies that spiral power is really something, but also frees the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren from the space sea, allowing Simon to transform it into Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann and fulfill Kittan's dying wish.


In the epilogue, a memorial site, in the form of a sword, is seen in his honor right alongside Kamina and the other members of Team Dai-Gurren.

Powers and Abilities

Kittan awakens his Spiral Power.

Spiral Power: As a Spiral being, he is capable of evolving with the use of Spiral Power, becoming more capable as he retains his willpower or "fighting spirit". Towards the end of Kittan's life, he had fully awakened his Spiral Power, and so he should be just as capable without the use of Gunmen as well; additionally having every capability of every Gunmen he piloted, has shown, similar to Lordgenome and Simon. The Work Soul guidebook states that Kittan's Spiral Power was enough to shake an entire galaxy. In the novelization, rather than reforming Gurren Lagann's broken drill, Kittan created a Giga Drill out of his Spiral Energy.

  • Gunmen Piloting: Gunmen were created by the Spiral King, Lordgenome, for Spiral Warriors to pilot, using their Spiral Power to power and control mecha. Additionally, the condition of the Gunmen is reflected upon the pilots; ie, the pilots feel the pain and retain the injuries. Spiral Power doesn't just power the Gunmen, it also assists the mecha in producing abilities for the user to adapt to certain situations in battle.
    • Shapeshifting: With King Kittan's "Kittan Stinger"; a special move in which Kittan conjoins his mech's head together to ram against the opponent. Immediately afterwards, he uses another special move, meant to be a follow up to the previous; "Hell's Headsplitter", in which King Kittan's head splits open, as well as the opponent's body. King Kittan, similar to other Gunmen, have Dangunmen mode, in which all limbs retract to the main body, to maximize speed; presumably, its original purpose was for Dai-Gun to throw them like a projectile. In the novelization, Kittan's exploit to this capability is greater than anybody's use for it; he immediately switches to King Kittan's humanoid mode and back, repeatedly, to change its speed and attack methods to disrupt the enemy and seemingly destroyed many Mugann using this tactic.
  • Regeneration & Integration: Towards the end of Kittan's life, he had taken Gurren Lagann's broken drill, to then repair it and fuse it with King Kittan's arm.
  • Size Increasing: Via Kittan's "King Kittan Giga Drill Break", which creates a drill, 2 times larger than standard Gurren Lagann's Giga Drill.
  • Probability Fluctuations: Lordgenome stated that destroying the Death Spiral Machine had a 0% chance of succeeding in. Kittan denied the quite literally impossible and managed to destroy the machine.

Superhuman Strength: Even without the use of Spiral Power, Kittan is still quite powerful, being able to hurt Kamina, who could handle the attacks of Viral.

Superhuman Speed: In the manga, Kittan is shown to be able to dodge the same arrow that Kamina was shot at by Viral. In episode 11, he could dodge a myriad of bullets being shot at his feet.


Hunter: Kittan as a Beastman hunter, claims to be a pro in his job. He is also skilled in riding Warble Runners.

Marksman: He is able to accurately fire Burning Water (his bombs) at Gunmen. He is also competent at using a shotgun, as shown in episode 21.

Kittan piloting King Kittan.

Piloting: Pre-Timeskip, Kittan doesn't have any notable feats of piloting, other than at episode 15, where he managed to destroy multiple Gunmen at the same time. Post-Timeskip, he had become an incredible pilot; one of the best. Kittan's exploit to the Gunmen mode switch capability is greater than anybody's use for it; he immediately switches to King Kittan's humanoid mode to Dangunmen mode and back, repeatedly, to change its speed and attack methods to disrupt the enemy and seemingly destroyed many Mugann using this tactic.

Analytical Prediction: In the novelization, Kittan dodged Gurren Lagann's attacks by predicting its movements and with his great skill at controlling Warble Runners.


Slingshot & Burning Water: These are the bombs that the Black Brothers utilize for Beastman hunting. These are powerful enough to damage Gunmen, and can even create a smokescreen when shot at before impact.

Warble Runners: Dogs that run backwards while crying, which is where warble comes from. This is an animal the Black Brothers use as a vehicle to hunt Beastmen with.

Shotgun with Spiral Shells: A weapon Kittan used one time in Part 3. It is a rifled shotgun that fire rounds, powerful enough to knockback Mugann. It seems to have a design inspired by the Mossberg 500.

Gunmen: Kittan owns mecha which he uses in situations where his other weapons may not be of use, especially against more powerful opponents.

  • King Kittan: A pointy yellow mecha that is capable of clamping its head back together. Used to fight against Lordgenome's Beastman army and the Mugann in space.
    • Spin Barrier Bullet Equipment: Post-Timeskip, it is equipped with Spin Barrier Bullet Equipment, which create barriers when the blast hits the opponent.
  • Space King Kittan: The Space Dai-Gun version of the King Kittan, piloted by its smaller variant. It also wields a mountain size spear resembling Kiyal's Kiyalunga. It was noted to be the toughest Space Dai-Gun when pitted against the ultra-compressed gravity. Used to fight against Antispiral's fleet, namely the Hasutagurai and Pada class fleet.


  • It is also shown he acquired the King Kittan (originally a red colored Gunman) in Parallel Works Episode 9.
  • In the Super Robot Wars series, Kittan death always happens. There is no way of preventing his death due to his sacrifice being important the story.
  • In Super Robot Wars X, Kittan has a greater role. When he died, his voice can be heard by Simon and he is awakened by Kittan from Antispiral's trap. When Kamina appeared before Simon, Kittan appears too and Kamina jokes with him by saying that he forgot about him again.


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