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Kinon Bachika (キノン・バチカ, Kinon Bachika) is the second oldest of Kittan’s younger sisters. After Team Dai-Gurren’s capture of Dai-Gunzan, she takes up a position within its control tower, monitoring the radar. She seems to be the calmest and smartest member of the Black Siblings.


Beastman War Arc

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Kinon debuts in Episode 4, along with the rest of her siblings, in a misguided attack on Gurren, who appeared to be attacking a helpless boy. When the mistake was cleared up, Kinon joined her sisters in fawning over the pilot of the massive Gunman. She joined Yoko Littner in hunting for food, but their prey turned out to be sixteen puffball Beastmen, all armed with Gunmen of their own. After Gurren Lagann dispatched the puffballs' mecha, the Black Siblings took their leave, with Kinon meekly proclaiming her undying affection for Kamina and Simon.

Kinon returned alongside her sisters in Episode 6, surprisingly without Kittan. Claiming to have been led here after chasing a Gunman into fog, she joined the other girls in the hot spring, only to be captured by the Beastmen owners of the bath house (itself a massive Gunman). Yoko busted them out, and the women-Kinon included-all ended up crammed in Lagann's cockpit as Kamina obliterated the enemy.

Kinon stayed behind with her sisters during the fight for Dai-Gunzan, but after its capture, took up a role in the control room as radar monitor. She was the only member of the family to not take to the front lines at any point, but remained a valuable asset to the team up to and including the battle for Teppelin.

Anti-Spiral War Arc

Kinon in 2nd half

After the time-skip, Kinon becomes one of Rossiu Adai's main supporters, even harboring an attraction for him as well. After Simon offered himself to protect the city using Gurren Lagann, even after being sentenced to death, Kinon volunteered to pilot Gurren and rig herself with bombs inside its cockpit, claiming that she would detonate them, killing her and Simon in the process, in case of him making an attempt to escape. Later, it is revealed that Kinon's resolve to follow Rossiu, despite betraying Simon and ordering his execution, was not only the fruit of her love for him, but because she was also witnessing how difficult it was for Rossiu to do it, and the fact that he didn't do it for personal gains, but because the circumstances forced him to it.

After stopping Rossiu from committing suicide with Simon's help, she stays on Earth to aid him on the administration of Kamina City, while Simon and rest of Team Dai-Gurren head off to face the Anti-Spirals.


  • It is revealed that Kinon is in love with Rossiu.
  • In the original ADV Films dub, Kinon was to be voiced by Brittney Karbowski.


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