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Kidd Coega (キッド・コイーガ, Kiddo Koīga) is another new member of Team Dai-Gurren. He is Iraak's brother. His Gunmen, the

Kidknuckle and later Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle, utilizes two pistols to attack enemies. Kidd is killed during the first deep space battle versus the Anti-Spirals, when he and Iraak attempt to avenge Zorthy's death.

Kidd's post-timeskip design bears a striking resemblance to Lupin III.

In the epilogue, a memorial site, in the form of a sword, is seen in his honor right

alongside Kamina and the other members of Team Dai-Gurren. He is voiced by Takashi Kondō in the Original Dub and by Daniele Raffaeli in the Italian Dub.


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