Iraak before the time skip

Iraak Coega (アイラック・コイーガ, Airakku Koīga) is a member of Team Dai-Gurren and Kidd's brother. He pilots the Gunman Einzer and later Tengen Toppa Einsaurus.

He joined Team Gurren (soon to be renamed Team Dai-Gurren) after word of Kamina's exploits spread. Together, they assaulted Dai-Gunzan. While most of the team harassed the Beastmen with boulders, Iraak used Einzer (which had no arms with which to throw rocks) as a mobile rifle platform for Yoko. He is also a little flirtatious with some of the women of Dai-Gurren.

Iraak is killed during the first deep space battle versus the Anti-Spirals, after he

Iraak after the Time Skip

and Kidd attempted to avenge Zorthy.

In the epilogue, a memorial site, in the form of a sword, is seen in his honor right alongside Kamina and the other members of Team Dai-Gurren who died in battle. He is voiced by Daisuke Kirii in the Japanese language version of the anime and by Doug Erholtz in the English version. 

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