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Humans are a Spiral species and the central race of beings in the universe of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


First Anti-Spiral War

The attack of the Anti-Spirals.

Prior to Lordgenome's reign as the Spiral King, Humans were the leading Spiral Race who flourished unashamedly on their power forging numerous cities, spiral-powered mechanisms and large scale spiral constructs across the face of their home planet, Earth. In the heat of their progression, humanity was attacked by the Anti-Spirals, a race of stasis-based beings who had set their sights on Earth, having made it their purpose to obliterate the growth and progression of the Spiral by any means necessary including mass genocide.

A young Lordgenome with his many animals, one being a younger Guame

In the wake of the attack, a particularly strong Spiral named Lordgenome, who would go on to become what was called a "Spiral Warrior" or "Spiral Knight", discovered a mini-gunmen that would be the foundation for humanity's strike back against the Anti-Spirals. Piloting the mini-gunmen in a torrent of Spiral power, Lordgenome led humanity into battle with an army of gunmen, the representative weapon of the human race, many topped with a head similar to the mini-gunmen found by Lordgenome himself.

Lordgenome at the helm of the Cathedral Terra, with Guame perched upon his shoulder.

Lordgenome came to be called the "Spiral General" and captained humanity's Spiral flagship, a gargantuan moon-sized space vessel titled the "Cathedral Terra". Over the course of Lordgenome's life, humanity and their legions of Spiral Knights engaged in sustained combat with the Anti-Spirals and despite their losses to the various plots and dangers thrust towards them by their adversaries, they continued to persevere under the Spiral General's lead. Perhaps one of their most tragic and iconic losses was at the hands of theDeath Spiral Machine, a colossal mechanism created by the Anti-Spirals to convert all Spiral Power into dense space exponentially faster than it could be produced, resulting in all spiral life-forms being left drained and lifeless in the sea-like expanse.

Some of the many Human casualties at the hands of the Anti-Spirals.

Many Spiral Warriors fell victim to this device in their attempts to reach the Anti-Spiral homeworld. Throughout their many losses and setbacks at the hands of the Anti-Spirals, gunmen upon gunmen torn asunder, neither side showed any true signs of stopping their assault or halting their efforts.

The Fall of Humanity

The Anti-Spiral visits Lordgenome.

It was later that Lordgenome was visited by the Anti-Spiral itself, the hive-mind manifestation of the collective wills and consciousnesses produced by the Anti-Spirals, and was told the true reason behind their actions. At a loss and thrown into complete despair after gaining knowledge of what the Anti-Spirals had dubbed the "Spiral Nemesis", Lordgenome sided with the Anti-Spirals and turned on his brethren, obliterating them with murderous ease.

The remaining minuscule traces of humanity would be chased and herded underground, forced to live out their lives in secluded villages while "Beastmen", animals mutated by Lordgenome, piloted gunmen across the face of the earth in order to both exterminate any humans on sight and maintain the terror driven status-quo.