Lagann-hen poster

Official Japanese poster for The Lights in the Sky are Stars

Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars (known in Japan as 劇場版 天元突破グレンラガン 螺巌篇 (Gekijōban Tengen Toppa Guren Ragan Ragan Hen) or Film Version Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann: The Spiral Stone Chapter), or simply Lagann-hen, is the second Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann movie and the sequel to Gurren Lagann The Movie: Childhood's End. It is based on the second half of the series, from episodes 15 through to 27.

The Japanese DVD release of Gurren Lagann The Movie: The Lights in the Sky are Stars contained as one of its Special Features, the final chapter of the Otoko Series, Otoko-gumi dayo! Gurren Lagann.

Synopsis Edit

Fall of the Spiral King Edit

The film begins with Spiral King Lordgenome telling Simon and Nia that although they feel they are on the side of righteousness, that he is the true protector of humanity.

The Battle for Teppelin has been ongoing to the seventh day now. The battle unfolds around Dekabutsu. Nia, her hair shorter now than at the end of Childhood's End, is awoken by Boota licking her. Looking up, Simon in Lagann is being beaten into the ground by her father Lordgenome. Simon cannot produce drills anymore; his Spiral Power is exhausted. Despite Nia's pleas that Simon win because she believes in him, Lordgenome rips of Lagann's arms with a crazed laugh.

In the past, Simon lets Nia jump into Gurren Lagann's palm. Aretenborough fires all of Dai-Gurren's turrets at the countless enemy Gunmen being dispatched by Dekabutsu. All of Team Dai-Gurren's Gunmen are dispatched, as well as the numerous Dai-Guns hijacked since Childhood's End. Kittan is overwhelmed in his King Kittan Deluxe, but Yoko in her Yoko M Tank tells him that they cannot back down; they must press on to honor the lives lost. Simon agrees.

In the throne room of Teppelin, Viral wonders why the humans don't fear death. Lordgenome asks if Viral fears humans. Viral says that he does not, and merely wants to know what humans are. Apparently, Lordgenome made Viral immortal, but not to battle, as seen when Viral in Enkidudu attempts to defeat Gurren Lagann, but is swept aside all too easily. Lordgenome attacks in Lazengann, but when Simon drills apart one of its hands, Lordgenome drills through Gurren's chest. Rossiu, having narrowly avoided being impaled, tells Simon to attack now. Lagann jettisons from Gurren, and attempts to Lagann Impact into Lazengann. Matching Lagann Impact with a tremendous drill formed from his own Spiral Power, Lordgenome attempts to pull out all the stops to crush Simon. Simon shouts that everyone in Team Dai-Gurren believes in him, the him that his Bro believed in, the him that he believes in, so he can't possibly lose to the likes of Lordgenome. Sure enough, Lagann's drill shatters Lazengann's and impacts in the chest of the Spiral King's personal Gunmen. Lordgenome, infuriated that Lazengann failed to do its job, stomps out and punches Lagann off.

Back in the present day, Lordgenome grabs the seemingly unconscious Simon by the head to put him back in the dirt. Nia calls out to Simon, who pulls the Core Drill out of Lagann and impales it in Lordgenome's chest. Calling himself Simon the Digger, leader of Team Dai-Gurren, Simon says that anyone who becomes a wall to him will have a hole punched through them by his drill. Twisting the Core Drill unleashes a torrent of Spiral Power through Lordgenome, tearing a hole through his chest. His Spiral Power outstripped by someone else's, Lordgenome's dying words are a warning: when the apes pierce the heavens and reach outer space, the Moon will become Hell's messenger and destroy the world of the Spiral. Nia runs up to her father as he falls from the wrecked throne room. Bidding farewell to her father, Nia vows to head towards tomorrow.

Dekabutsu, its master passed on, collapses. Gurren Lagann returns to Team Dai-Gurren the victor. Humanity is free from the Spiral King's oppression.

Freedom on the Surface Edit

Time passes. A montage ensues. Dekabutsu's remains have become monuments to humanity's victory; the main body becoming the Parliament Tower of the city being built there. Stolen Gunmen are used to build the city. A young Guinble and Cybela yell after Leeron and Rossiu, apparently eager to help. Rossiu pores through book after book. Simon becomes the Supreme Commander of the capital of Earth, Kamina City. Gunmen are re-engineered into cars, buses, boats, trains, planes, and other forms of transport. Mass-production mechas, based off of research on Gurren Lagann, called the Grapearls, are created, with Gimmy and Darry, now adolescents, having distinct models. Simon begins drilling away at a massive block of stone in the center square of Kamina City. Dayakka and Kiyoh get married, though he embarrasses her with a face someone drew on his belly during the reception. The Grapearl Squadron track down Viral in Enkidudu, defeat him, and take him and several renegade Beastmen into custody. Simon has crafted a distinct hand, pointing towards the heavens, out of the top of the granite block. Humanity has developed phenomenally in such a short span of time. Simon's statue, now complete, is of Kamina himself, pointing towards the heavens Simon was meant to pierce.

Film Version Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

A Moon probe Gun-rocket takes off from a launch pad, moonbound. The title Lagann-hen appears.

Seven years have passed since the fall of Teppelin, and Kamina City has expanded greatly. Nia is writing a letter to Kamina in her diary, even though he is dead (though she acknowledges that). She always feels like talking to him when she sees his statue in the middle of Kamina City. She explains that Simon is doing his best as Supreme Commander (though he looks distinctly weary of all the paperwork to sign). She mentions Rossiu getting angry at the Team Dai-Gurren members who are in the New Government, and she says that he can occasionally get irritating with his seriousness. Yoko, it seems, left a year after the fall of Teppelin, and told Nia (and apparently, only Nia) that she is now a school teacher, teaching children about hope for the future. Makken and Leyte have gotten married and had three kids, and Leyte's still as strong as ever. Also, Dayakka and Kiyoh got married and had a little baby girl. Nia concludes her letter by asking Kamina if this city named after him has lived up to the dreams he had for humanity, and if his dreamed future and their actual future are the same.

In his Supreme Commander office, Simon says to Nia that perhaps it is time to live the same life together; to see the same things, hear the same sounds, and share the same laugh. His eyes will be her eyes, and her ears will be his ears. Simon pulls out a ring set with a small emerald. He has proposed to Nia. Nia's response is a warm smile, and two words:

"No way!"

Kiyoh and Kiyal, having been told this by Nia herself, demand to know why she turned Simon down. Nia explains that she thinks two people couldn't really become the same person. Frustrated by Nia's literal interpretation of Simon's proposal, Kiyoh explains that it was just a figure of speech, and how Simon's words made her feel is what's really important. Nia looks at the ring on her finger.

The Descent of the Anti-Spiral Edit

That night, Nia and Simon meet near the now-derelict remains of Dai-Gurren. She likes how the Moon looks tonight, and Simon said that Kamina wanted to go there. Now that they are, Kamina's dream has come true. Nia explains that her dream is to plant flowers all over the world, so that small animals and bugs will have a nice, green place to live. Simon wants to help her, but she insists that Simon has his own things to do, being a different person from her. But, she says warmly, different people try to understand each other, and she wants to know more about Simon. They will always be together, and she will always want to know more about him. She wants Simon to want to know more about her, too. Nia then thanks the stunned Simon for the ring, for which she is very happy. Simon asks if this means she will marry him. Nia has a warm smile, and one word:


Looking happier than ever before in his life, Simon embraces Nia, then reaches down for a kiss. The Anti-Spiral's face appears on the Moon, and the Gun-rocket explodes. Nia jolts, and looks at the Moon. Circuits appear under her skin, and Simon backs away in alarm. Nia screams in horror at what is happening.

At Parliament Tower, Rossiu demands to know how the Moon probe Gunmen could have been destroyed, when the screen is engulfed with a shadowy image of Nia, standing before the Moon. The same image appears on every TV on Earth, even on Yoko's TV in her small teacher's home. Nia announces that the Anti-Spiral have determined that, by going into outer space, humanity has reached Spiral Power danger level 2, thus activating the Humanity Annihilation System.

Nia explains to Simon that the overuse of Spiral Power will cause the death of the universe, the Spiral Nemesis. Simon's Core Drill is the symbol of that destruction. She coldly places the blame for the Humanity Annihilation System on Simon's shoulders; if humanity had stayed underground, the system would not have been triggered. Despite Simon's desperate protestations, Nia explains that the Moon will crash into the Earth in three weeks, and that that will be the end of it. Her dress disintegrates, to be replaced by a black skin-tight bodysuit with glowing circuits. Nia muses on the irony of the Anti-Spiral messenger being born as Lordgenome's daughter, but states that having become an Anti-Spiral she can never be made human again. A digital portal opens, allowing the entry of a bizarre, faceless mecha into Kamina City. Nia floats back into it, ignoring Simon's pleas.

A second, identical mecha descends from another identical portal into the streets of Kamina City, wasting little time before beginning to blast apart the streets. The Grapearls are dispatched to face these Anti-Spiral mecha, which Gimmy dubs Mugann, since they have no faces (mugan is Japanese for faceless). However, Grapearl blasters and the Grapearl Blade are ineffective, and soon Gimmy and Darry's Grapearls are the only ones left. Back at Parliament Tower, the Team Dai-Gurren members who piloted Gunmen lament their Gunmen being scrapped; otherwise, the Mugann would have been taken down. Darry tries to sneak attack the Mugann, but they fire at her. Gurren Lagann's drill deflects the blast, saving her. Simon has arrived! Rossiu tries to convince him to fall back, since this isn't the Supreme Commander's job. Simon retorts that his #1 job is to protect the people of Kamina kittan and a few members of Dai-Gurren shout out "Woo hoo, finish him off!" His drill begins to absorb power from the Mugann's energy beams. Bolting forward, Simon destroys one Mugann, then the other. Their remnant polygons descend to the city streets...

...and detonate. Gut-punched, Simon can only watch as fire-emergency Grapearls are dispatched to deal with the blazes. Looking up, he sees the Anti-Spiral Messenger Nia hovering in the distance. Arriving at Parliament Tower, he sees riots of people telling him that the Moon falling is his fault, that he should either go away or deal with the Moon. Rioters pull down Simon's statue of Kamina.

Forced Back Underground Edit

Simon is placed under arrest to quell the riots. Kittan, Dayakka, and other Team Dai-Gurren members discuss why in a bar, but are quickly driven out by the pedestrians; government people have government things to do. Zorthy, Kid, Iraak, Jorgun and Balinbow look ready to start a bar brawl, but Kittan tells them to bear with it. Dayakka explains that the people see Simon as little better than Lordgenome now.

At Simon's trial, Simon is given the death sentence, to the uproar of the Team Dai-Gurren members. Rossiu, the judge, explains that the populace won't be satisfied unless justice is dealt. Simon wonders what Kamina would have done. He is escorted to the subterranean Lincarne Prison, where he will stay until his sentence is carried out. There, he is bullied by many criminals who were put away by him, and accosted by Viral for not fighting back. Simon explains that he simply ran into a situation where he is not needed anymore, where Rossiu can handle things. Simon the Digger is crawling back into his hole, without his drill.

In Parliament Tower, Rossiu stands before the Lordgenome Head, regenerated from Lordgenome's cells, to access Lordgenome's memories of the Anti-Spiral. He asks if they have any chance of surviving the Anti-Spiral. Apparently, the Anti-Spiral were once a Spiral race, but began a war with other Spiral races when they determined that Spiral Power would destroy the universe. Lordgenome surrendered to the Anti-Spiral, banishing humanity on Earth into a meager underground existence. Beneath Parliament Tower, is the last hope for humanity. In a worldwide broadcast, Supreme Commander Rossiu explains how people the world over will enter into 36 underground shelters during the moon's impact. The citizens of Kamina City will temporarily leave the Earth aboard the Space Dai-Gun, Arc-Gurren, which was hidden beneath Dekabutsu since the rise of the Spiral King. Cheers erupt as people appreciate Rossiu's urge to help humanity survive.

Evacuations proceed smoothly, with animals being loaded onto Arc-Gurren as well as people. Dayakka and Kittan meet on the empty Kamina City Hospital, musing on how they aren't needed anymore, when torrents of digital portals open overhead, Mugann crowding the Kamina City skies. The Mugann fire on and destroy Parliament Tower. Kittan tells Dayakka that he has his own way of dealing with this sort of situation. Evacuations of the Kamina City residents into Arc-Gurren complete, Rossiu gives the order to bring Arc-Gurren to the surface without even opening the hatch. Swathes of Kamina City collapse into the pit left behind as Arc-Gurren aims for the heavens.

Simon and Viral, in Lincarne Prison, notice they were left behind by Arc-Gurren. Simon doesn't care if this is how he dies, as long as humanity survives. He tells Viral that since he should have the power to escape, he should. Viral notes that Simon was abandoned, then notices a Core Drill made from Spiral Power in Simon's hand. Simon says that he doesn't need to do anything anymore, and that it's all down to Rossiu now. Nia appears, telling Simon that Rossiu cannot save humanity or even himself. She shows a digital simulation of the Moon impacting the Earth, telling of how the Earth will be destroyed by the impact, and the sheltered people will die. Even in space, a trap awaits the Arc-Gurren: two gigantic Mugann, and thousands of smaller ones. Forming a ball of energy, Nia explains that the only thing awaiting Spiral races is despair. What the Anti-Spiral seek is absolute despair. Viral breaks from his cell and uses his immortal body to block Nia's blast. He taunts Nia, saying that compared to General Adiane's tail, it doesn't hurt or even itch. He charges her, but she casually knocks Viral aside. Simon explains how he was scared of his own power when he watched Kamina's statue being torn down, how he wanted to tear into the people who did that, but that he kept this power locked in place, like Lordgenome. If he must be sacrificed to ensure humanity's survival, that is fine with him. But, he tells Nia that she'd already told him that he has things that he must do. He challenges her to try to take him down, if she can. She calls him foolish and prepares to kill him. A blast from a familiar rifle shatters the orb of Anti-Spiral power.

Gurren Lagann Rises Again Edit

The ceiling collapses, and Yoko M Tank drops in, its cannon pointed at Nia. Yoko stands in front of it, pointing her rifle at Nia, quipping that Nia became a real boring bitch while she was away. She tells Nia that she ought to know better than anyone how determined Simon can get. Nia simply says that she erased her memories of the past, that she is a messenger of the Anti-Spiral, and then teleports away. Yoko breaks open Simon's cell, and they agree that only Team Dai-Gurren can figure a way out of this no-win situation. Simon's Core Drill is tossed back into his hand by Kittan, who is also there with the rest of Team Dai-Gurren's Gunmen pilots. Apparently, Leyte had been maintaining their Gunmen secretly all this time. Gurren Lagann and the Team Dai-Gurren Gunmen are behind Yoko M Tank. Simon offers Gurren's seat to Viral, and Boota reunites with Yoko's cleavage. Leyte says that the Gunmen can make it to outer space with the spare Moon probe Gunmen in Arc-Gurren's hangar.

In the closing space between the Earth and the Moon, the Grapearl squadron is not fairing so well against the Mugann onslaught. The Moon's rate of descent is increasing. Spiral Power on the Arc-Gurren is falling because of Kamina City's citizen's fear about the battle. Kyo-Mugann prepares to deal a mortal blow to Arc-Gurren. Simon's voice calls for Rossiu to not give up, and a blast of Spiral Power knocks Kyo-Mugann away. In a burst of prodigious Spiral Power from Gurren Lagann, thousands of smaller Mugann are destroyed. The Dai-Gurren Gunmen squad dispatches and begins to destroy Mugann after Mugann. Gurren Lagann uses Double Boomerang Spiral, wiping out hundreds of Mugann in one attack. Arc-Gurren's Spiral Power begins to recover with the citizens' hope, and Leeron calls for Simon to combine Gurren Lagann with Arc-Gurren.

Ku-Mugann pins Gurren Lagann with an electric cage attack, and Kyo-Mugann does the same to Arc-Gurren. Rossiu is prepared to succumb, but Simon says that they always pulled victory from the jaws of defeat, and will keep doing just that, as many times as it takes. Producing a Giga Drill from the waist down, Gurren Lagann bee-lines towards Arc-Gurren, dragging Kuu-Mugann along. Gurren Lagann and Arc-Gurren combine to form Arc-Gurren Lagann. Kyo-Mugann and Ku-Mugann are blasted apart, but quickly combine as well. Arc-Gurren Lagann unleashes a punch that locks it in place, then delivers a space-time shattering Burst Spinning Punch so powerful that the final Mugann breaks open a hole in the space-time continuum.

Cybela notices something disconcerting with the Moon. The Moon turns black, the edges of its craters glowing red, then it splits into quarters, and unfolds into a goliath jet-black Gunmen: Cathedral Lazengann. Arc-Gurren Lagann's drill blocks its laser assault, but is quickly grabbed in Cathedral Lazengann's fist. Busting out, Simon notices the Cathedral Lazengann is going to punch the Earth with its other fist. At full power, Arc-Gurren Lagann can hold it back, but it's weakening. The Lordgenome Head proposes a forced entry into Cathedral Lazengann's computer core. In the digital world, the Lordgenome Head begins hacking Cathedral Lazengann, breaking through its firewalls, then breaking open a locked data file.

The Lordgenome Head explains that the Cathedral Lazengann will come under Simon's control if he inserts Spiral Power in a port inside Cathedral Lazengann's core. With an Arc-Gurren Lagann Giga Drill Break, Simon shatters most of Cathedral Lazengann's arm, and flies into the core. Just inches from the core, though, he stops dead, since Nia is hovering in his path. She tells Simon that his limitation is a hesitation that humans call "love", and that his resistance ends here. Simon retorts that Nia is the one hesitating, and when she refutes this, he asks why she is still wearing her engagement ring. He tells her that she may not have known it herself, but she was secretly crying for his help whenever she appeared to him. He begs her to move as he forces the Arc-Core Drill forward. After a tense moment, the core activates, and Cathedral Lazengann's sinister look dissolves away. The Moon Gunmen returns to its old orbit. Rossiu laments that he can not hope to match up to Simon.

In the Cathedral Lazengann's core, Simon faces Nia, hovering aside the Arc-Core Drill. She tells him that with the Humanity Annihilation System deactivated, the Anti-Spiral themselves will come to this galaxy. Simon asks if Nia will go back to normal if the Anti-Spiral are defeated. Nia says she will be recalled to the Anti-Spiral homeworld to collate the data she'd collected on humans; the chances are infinitely close to zero. Simon replies that if it's not exactly zero, it's the same as 100% to him. Nia returns to normal, asking if Simon will come save her. He asks her who the hell she thinks he is. She smiles, just as she begins to be teleported away. Simon calls out her name, and images of her ring appear all over Arc-Gurren Lagann's bridge. The Lordgenome Head has pinpointed the coordinates for the Anti-Spiral homeworld, and says that they can lock them into the Spiral Realm Perceptual Teleportation System to travel there. Leeron tells Simon of this, and Simon feels they should go there as soon as possible, attack the Anti-Spiral, and rescue Nia.

Battle Preparations Edit

A short time later, transports are taking the citizens of Kamina City back to Earth from what was once Cathedral Lazengann, now known as Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. Simon asks where Rossiu is, and Kinon is suddenly uneasy. In the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann's Space Gunmen hangar, Leyte says that Team Dai-Gurren's Gunmen are actually mobile cockpits for the Space Gunmen. Viral explains to Kittan and the others that Earth is the Beastmen's home, too, so he's going to fight, too. There are none for the Grapearls, but some called the Space Gunmarls are usable. Kittan talks about how this is kind of exciting, and tells Yoko he's happy she's back; after all, they can't call themselves Team Dai-Gurren without her boobs. Zorthy asks how far they plan to go; Kittan answers 'as far as it takes'. Team Dai-Gurren drink a last toast to the Earth. Kiyoh allows Dayakka to go along, too; he is overjoyed that he chose to marry her.

In his office on Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, Rossiu decides to end it all, and puts a gun to his head. Simon breaks in and tries to stop him, but Rossiu explains that all this time, he was a huge fool dancing in the Anti-Spiral's hand, almost had Simon executed, and nearly got Earth destroyed. Rossiu feels he must atone for his own sin by his own hand. Before he can shoot himself in the head, Kinon strides in and furiously slaps him across the face. Tears streaming down her face, she tells him that if trying his hardest to help everyone out is a sin, then no one on the Earth hasn't sinned. Simon tells Rossiu that there are people who would have punched him, like he himself was punched when he was lost (referring back to Kamina punching him during the taking of the Dai-Gurren in Childhood's End, as well as how Simon snaps Rossiu out of his depression in the anime). He tells Rossiu to believe in himself, and that that is probably the way to beat absolute despair. Simon and Rossiu are walking on the same path again.

Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann fires off its Dimensional Anchors into imaginary space, and pulls the real Moon out from that other dimension; that way, the massive Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann can leave Earth without affecting it. Rossiu, Kiyoh, her daughter Anne, Kinon, and Kiyal are on the last transport back to Earth. Bitter about being left behind, Kiyal shouts at the top of her lungs that the guys on Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann better come back (accidentally making her baby niece cry). Simon orders Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to launch; the Spiral Realm Perceptual Teleportation System activates, and Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann disappears in a flash of green light.

Arrival in the Anti-Spiral Dimension Edit

In transit, the Lordgenome Head explains that they could not find the Anti-Spiral homeworld before, but now can since the universe is constructed on ambiguity and only becomes a fixed reality when observed. Basically, the unambiguous nature of Nia's ring served as the coordinates for the Anti-Spiral homeworld. The instant Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann appears in the Anti-Spiral's dimension, they are accosted by a heavenly beam of light, and the Anti-Spiral speaks to them. Anti-Spiral battleships are coming in under cover of that light, and the Space Gunmen and Space Grapearls are dispatched to take them on. The Anti-Spiral speaks of how uncontrolled evolution will destroy the universe, and challenges Team Dai-Gurren to feel that sin with their own bodies.

The Anti-Spiral battleships are riding a tidal wave towards Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is engulfed by the wave, which is a wave of ultra-dense space, condensed to the point that it looks like a liquid. Their Spiral Power begins to drain, and Simon feels the power draining from himself as well. The Lordgenome Head identifies this as a Death Spiral Field, which converts Spiral Power to mass. Thus, the more Spiral Power they use, the denser the Field becomes. Several Space Gunmarls are crushed, and the remaining Space Gunmen squad members retreat to the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, which converts back into the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren to conserve on Spiral Power expenditure, at the cost of firepower and offencive capacity.

They see a sliver of what look like stars, but upon close-up from their cameras, see that they are actually countless Laganns. The Anti-Spiral say that this should be a sign that Team Dai-Gurren's actions are far from unique, that others got this far and failed. The Laganns are in the Galactic Spiral Abyss, descending to the Death Spiral Machine which generates the Field. Simon says they should just destroy it, but Leeron warns him that he is the source of their power, and this will be very dangerous for Simon. Boota helps Simon to generate Spiral Power through Lagann.

Leeron and the Lordgenome Head come up with a plan to destroy the Death Spiral Machine: fire a Super Spiral Missile into the Spiral Conversion Field around the machine, disrupting the mass-to-Spiral-Power effect this has to protect the machine from the pressure it generates around itself, then lob in another missile to destroy the Machine. Two Missiles are the max, since Simon is really running himself into the ground. A Giga Drill that Gurren Lagann is using to generate Spiral Power shatters, and Simon and Boota scream in pain. Panting heavily, Simon suddenly vomits blood. He still has the drive to go on, though he cannot generate Spiral Power with so much pressure.

Once they are within firing range, they launch the Spiral Missile. It collapses due to the extreme density of space, though. They will need to up the toughness of the last Super Spiral Missile's casing. The Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren's Spiral Power falls to zero, and super-dense space begins to break in; they are not flooding, but spacing. Yoko wants the Missile attached to her Space Gunmen, but Kittan insists he do it (despite Zorthy, Kid, Iraak, Makken, Jorgun and Balinbow's protests). Kittan defends his actions by confirming with Leyte that Space King Kittan's bullet mode is the toughest of the Space Gunmen. They can't afford to waste the last Missile Simon nearly died to make. Gimmy asks if he's scared of dying, saying that he wishes he could be that brave. Kittan retorts that Gimmy show him the person who isn't afraid of dying, then saying that you must keep moving forward, especially when you are scared. After some words of encouragement to Zorthy, Kid, Iraak, Makken, Jorgun and Balinbow, Kittan steals a kiss from Yoko.

Space King Kittan in bullet mode reaches the Spiral Conversion Field, and the Super Spiral Missile detonates, exposing the Death Spiral Machine. Kittan tries to fire his missiles, but the pressure has sealed the barrels. Space King Kittan collapses and explodes, but King Kittan keeps going, having borrowed one of Gurren Lagann's broken Giga Drills as a good luck charm. Kittan declares the drill to be first Simon's, then Team Dai-Gurren's, then humanity's, then finally settles on his own soul. Asking the Anti-Spiral if they think the drill - his soul - will be wiped out by the likes of them, he uses it to perform a King Kittan Giga Drill Break, obliterating the Death Spiral Machine, at the cost of his own life.

The Extradimensional Labyrinth Edit

The Lordgenome Head says that this operation had a chance of success at exactly 0%, then muses that perhaps logical calculations are meaningless when put up against Team Dai-Gurren. The Death Spiral Field begins to convert back to Spiral Power, and Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren's Super Spiral Gauges climb rapidly. Simon uses this opportunity to honour Kittan's last wish. Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren transforms back into humanoid mode, Simon's digging goggles transform into Kamina's V-shaped sunglasses, then into star-shaped sunglasses, and Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann stands reborn, destroying one of the Anti-Spiral's two Ashtanga battleships with ease.

The Space Gunmen and Space Gunmarls are dispatched to deal with the Hastagry and Pada mechas the Anti-Spiral has deployed. After a degree of fighting, Yoko fires off all of Space Yoko W Tank's weaponry, destroying thousands of Anti-Spiral mechas at once. The remaining Ashtanga throws planets at Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, but its Spiral shield is unaffected. Simon uses Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann's sunglasses as a boomerang to destroy it.

The Anti-Spiral itself appears through a crack between dimensions, explaining that Spiral Power is the force which binds life and the universe. Life cannot control Spiral Power, and if evolution is left unchecked, life forms across the universe will begin to evolve into full-sized galaxies. The sudden increase in mass will cause galaxies to devour each other, forming a universal black hole which will return the universe to nothing. That is the Spiral Nemesis. Simon is paralysed by horror; the Anti-Spiral speak the truth. Viral can't understand; he does not have Spiral Power, since the Beastmen's reproduction was done entirely through cloning. The Anti-Spiral lock all of Team Dai-Gurren in the Extradimensional Labyrinth, where they will forever be locked in the hell of infinite possibility.

Simon, a boy who digs tunnels to help himself and his surrogate older brother Kamina steal gold and valuables from Beastmen jewelry shops, really enjoys his living. Their life isn't as good as the Beastmen, but it is pretty cozy by stealing their valuables in secret.

Nia is writing a letter to Kamina through her voice, saying that the future he dreamed of gives her strength, because she believes Simon and the others can realise this future. The Anti-Spiral note with interest how Nia, the Irregular, is reliving her past experiences to maintain her sense of self. They, however, want to analyse Nia's data. They are growing tired of suppressing Spiral life, given how Spiral races continually rise up one after another. They want to terminate the factor precluding rebellion. Entangling Nia in many tentacles, they prepare to take in Nia's data. Nia cries out Simon's name.

In the Extradimensional Labyrinth, Simon and Kamina are confronted by Beastmen police. Kamina is bowing like crazy, apologising like it's going out of style. Simon backs into a large box, and sees a Core Drill insertion mark on the front, but realises he has nothing of the sort. Hearing a voice asking what's wrong, he sees another Kamina sitting on the box. This Kamina says he won't stand for another Kamina, and tells Simon to pick the one he prefers. He tells Simon that he can't dawdle around in here forever, asking what Simon's drill is supposed to do. Simon is pulled down by the Extradimensional Labyrinth's Kamina, who insists that Simon apologise, too. Simon punches him in the face, saying that his drill is the drill that will pierce the heavens. His drill is his soul, and his Core Drill appears in his hand.

Opening the box with his Core Drill, Simon breaks the oppressive clouds overhead. Kamina tells Simon, who is an adult once more, not to get caught up in 'what-if's; the thing Simon chooses to believe in for himself is the truth of his universe. Kittan appears, but Kamina doesn't remember him at first, then tells the irate Kittan that he couldn't forget anyway. Simon tells Kamina that he's off now. This time, it's really good-bye, says Kamina. Simon says that it isn't good-bye, since Kamina's with him inside all the time. All the infinite universes before him (including one of him as a new father) are shown as Simon lifts his Core Drill; the alternate realities converge onto himself, transforming his hand which held the core drill into a giant drill, then his body starts to transform into parts of Gurren Lagann, and then transforms fully into Gurren Lagann, taking to the sky as a glowing green comet.

Yoko sees herself first as an evil-hunting bounty hunter, then as this year's Miss Littner, then as the number one shot in the universe, then as Kittan's bride, then she shuts off the TV Kamina is holding that shows her all this. They are standing where they kissed the morning before Kamina died. A Core Drill in her hand, Yoko takes to the sky in a flash of green Spiral light.

Gimmy, Darry, Dayakka, and Boota knead dough, before sighting Gurren Lagann out the window. They turn to green light and join it.

Zorthy, Kid, and Iraak are stock-sellers calling out "Sell! Sell!" They see Gurren Lagann out a window, turn to green light, and join it.

Leeron, Gabal, and Aretenborough are construction workers who see Gurren Lagann in the distance. They turn to green light and join it.

Makken, Leyte, and the Lordgenome Head (as Lordgenome himself) are faculty in a school. They see Gurren Lagann out a window, turn to green light, and join it.

Jorgun and Balinbow are fathers to many children. They see Gurren Lagann out a window, turn to green light, and join it, and the kids fall in a heap.

Tetukan and Cybela are apparently lovers, asleep together. They turn to green light and fly out the window.

Viral is husband to Tsuuma and father to the Beastmen girl Memusu. Tsuuma sees Gurren Lagann in the sky, and Viral sees it, and understands. He was just having a naive dream. A Core Drill in hand, a feral smile on his lips, Viral turns to green light and takes to the sky.

Piercing the Heavens Edit

A familiar sound fills the air as Nia's ring flashes with a green light. Nia smiles at it, then glares at the Anti-Spiral, pointing her ring at him; moments later, Gurren Lagann emerges, drill-first. The Gunmen destroys Nia's bonds, causing her to fall, but Simon catches Nia in his coat. As Simon comforts his fiance - now reverted to her pre-Messenger form - drills fly out from Gurren Lagann's body, each one containing a member of Team Dai-Gurren. The Anti-Spiral are stunned, stating the impossibility of sentient life escaping the Extradimensional Labyrinth. Simon retorts that space, time, and "multi-dimensional whatevers" don't mean a thing to Team Dai-Gurren, who will do things their way and smash the Anti-Spiral's set-out path.

Gurren Lagann is engulfed by Arc-Gurren Lagann. Arc-Gurren Lagann is engulfed by Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. Each Team Dai-Gurren member is using a Lagann from the Galactic Spiral Abyss, and they all combine with Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. From the center of the galaxy, standing atop the spiral of stars like a platform, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is born.

The Anti-Spiral admit that they now see how their messenger was made Irregular; Team Dai-Gurren possesses more Spiral Power than any other race they have seen. They manifest the Granzeboma to combat Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann on even grounds, so as to make it all the more despairing when Team Dai-Gurren loses. The Lordgenome Head is now more than a head, but a replica of Lordgenome's whole body; this is due to being within a "Super Spiral Space" where thought becomes reality. He tells Nia that though he cannot face her as a father after all he has done, he feels that she has done well, and she thanks him. Viral asks his king if he has finally snapped out of his despair; Lordgenome replies that he is no king, but a warrior fighting for what he believes in.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Granzeboma begin the final battle, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is soon forced to hide behind another galaxy. Yoko manifests a galaxy-sized rifle for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and fires on a sphere hovering between Granzeboma's horns - the Anti-Spiral homeworld. The Anti-Spiral, grabbing galaxies and hurling them like shuriken, explain that they were once a Spiral race, but began annihilating Spiral races when they learned that the evolution of Spiral power would lead to the destruction of the universe. Sealing their homeworld in another dimension, and sealing their bodies (and thus, their evolution) on their homeworld, the Anti-Spiral use these as proof of their determination to protect the universe.

Jorgun and Balinbow fire several fists at Granzeboma, but the Anti-Spiral continue their charge. Viral draws a pair of swords, and does battle against the Granzeboma's four arms. The Anti-Spiral accuse Team Dai-Gurren of not understanding the meaning of their actions. Simon disagrees, but the Anti-Spiral point out that the Irregular (Nia) is a virtual life form that they created. If they are destroyed, she will disappear.

Team Dai-Gurren - especially Simon - is gut-punched. The Anti-Spiral use this hesitation to shatter Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's swords, smashing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann across and through several galaxies. The Anti-Spiral speak of their great determination and tremendous sacrifices to protect the universe, and ask if Team Dai-Gurren has that same determination. Pummeling the fallen Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, they degenerate into tearing the heaven-piercing Gunmen to pieces, all the while deriding their lack of resolve and justifying their own need to terminate Team Dai-Gurren. A portal to Earth opens, and the Anti-Spiral notes that this must be their homeworld.

On Earth, Kiyal is putting up the laundry, and freezes at the sight of the Granzeboma. Fetching Kiyoh and Anne in their house, she points it out to them. Rossiu and Kinon pick up a reading on the Perceptual Teleportation System connecting them to an enclosed universe. They witness Granzeboma produce drills to impale the remains of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Holding Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's head in its hand, the Anti-Spiral prepares to drill it to pieces, saying that Simon's spirit is broken. However, Simon disagrees, and produces a drill from Tengen Toppa Lagann's forehead, just large enough to force the Anti-Spiral's drill back.

The Arrival of Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren Edit

A spinning flower transforms into a drill-tipped staff, and frees Tengen Toppa Lagann. Nia is piloting the Tengen Toppa Gunmen that saved him: Tengen Toppa Solvernia. Nia says that the Simon she believes in will never let his Team Dai-Gurren spirit be broken. The Anti-Spiral seems shocked that the "Irregular" would defy its will. Nia says that she cannot change the fact that they created her, but can resist her fate to the end. Charging the Granzeboma, Nia deftly evades its drills and pierces its chest with her staff. Doing so, however, leaves her vulnerable to drills emerging from Granzeboma's mouth, which throw Tengen Toppa Solvernia back and destroy its left arm. Laughing evilly, the Anti-Spiral sends a dozen drills down to kill Nia.

A dozen arms appear, each grabbing hold of a drill. It is the fourteen-armed Tengen Toppa Enki Durga, piloted by Viral. With its two remaining hands, it produces swords to slice the drills off. Nia thanks her saviour, and Viral asks her to let him handle the Anti-Spiral. Musing on how he is protecting the Spiral Princess at the edge of the galaxy, Viral produces nine more swords and a kanabō (a club typically used by Japanese demons) to face the Anti-Spiral. A brief but intense clash leads to his eleven swords being shattered, but Tengen Toppa Enki Durga kicks one of the shards into the Anti-Spiral homeworld.

A distant shot blasts the shard all the way through the planet and out the other side. Far across the galactic sea stands the shooter, Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank. In the cockpit, Yoko declares that she won't let Nia's feelings be for nothing, opening fire on Granzeboma. Trapped by the sheer firepower of its foe, the Anti-Spiral mecha sends an arm under the "ground", knocking Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank off balance. With the rain of attacks halted, Granzeboma seizes another galaxy and throws it at Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank. In response, Yoko's Gunman fires off its breasts as missiles, but the galaxy slices right through them and destroys Tengen Toppa Yoko W Tank's main weapon bank.

Two more galaxies are thrown to finish Yoko off, but each is caught in a massive purple hand. It is Tengen Toppa Twinboekun, piloted by Jorgun and Balinbow. Declaring that their own stomachs are bigger than the galaxies, the twins crush the would-be projectiles in their hands as two more Tengen Toppa Gunmen circle Granzeboma and open fire. One-a large green tyrannosaur-bites viciously at Granzeboma's arm. The other, an ape-like figure with a spiral-design staff, takes a mighty swing at the Anti-Spiral's other limb. This is Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle, piloted by Kid. The green tyrannosaur Tengen Toppa Gunmen is Tengen Toppa Einsaurus, piloted by Iraak. Declaring themselves the "Super Galaxy Tornado Brothers", they boast that they will make the Anti-Spiral remember them, before the unimpressed Anti-Spiral seizes the two Tengen Toppa Gunmen with its outer arms.

Supersonic waves begin to cut into the hand holding Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle; Zorthy is piloting the Tengen Toppa Gunmen producing this attack. After a few moments, Tengen Toppa Kidknuckle springs free. Another Tengen Toppa Gunmen, piloted by Makken, draws a sword that chops up the other hand, freeing Tengen Toppa Einsaurus. These are Tengen Toppa Sawzorthn and Tengen Toppa Mo-Shogun, respectively. Makken states that unpreparedness is the greatest of foes, while Zorthy asks two others not to let their guard down.

Gimmy and Darry are piloting yet another Tengen Toppa Gunmen: Tengen Toppa Grapearl, with which they vow not to lose to the Anti-Spiral. Flying around Granzeboma and firing away with a pair of guns, they join up with the other Tengen Toppa Gunmen and concentrate all fire on the Anti-Spiral. Blocking the barrage with Granzeboma's shoulder arms, the Anti-Spiral insists that their last stand is futile, but cannon-fire from another direction distracts it.

Emerging from a great galactic ocean, and piloted by Dayakka, Leeron, Gabal, Leyte, Tetukan, Cybela, and Attenborough, is the largest Tengen Toppa Gunmen yet: Tengen Toppa Dai-Gurren. Opening fire with a volley of Probability Alteration Missiles so as to negate the probability of the Anti-Spiral successfully blocking, they continue their assault with Tengen Toppa Dai-Gurren's Super-Dimensional Anchors, which ensnare the Granzeboma. Dayakka uses his "I've Got The Best Wife In The Universe Swing" to send the Anti-Spiral flying. Kiyoh, watching from Earth, blushes and calls Dayakka an idiot from afar. People cheer at Tengen Toppa Dai-Gurren's attack.

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Edit

From within the damaged Tengen Toppa Solvernia, Nia thanks Simon for coming so far to save her, telling him that he came this far so he could do what had to be done. His resolve restored, Simon tells the Anti-Spiral that this is his and Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren's determination. Infuriated at the Spiral race's persistence, the Anti-Spiral admit that they understand how the Earthlings could escape their Extradimensional Labyrinth, but declare this to be far from over. Grabbing a pair of galaxies and forcing them together, the Anti-Spiral use their ultimate attack: Infinity Big Bang Storm, an energy blast with power equal to the birth of the universe. Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren is in a real pinch, but Simon refuses to give up.

Lordgenome emerges, forming Lazengann around himself, performing his Lazengann Overload move. Nia cries out, but he tells her to spare her tears, since he will gladly give his life to create a future for all Spiral life. With the final burst of Infinity Big Bang Storm, Lazengann undergoes quantum breakdown, and Lordgenome's last act is to convert all that energy into Spiral Power, converting it into a tremendous drill, and telling Simon to take it. Absorbing the energy with Tengen Toppa Lagann, Simon spreads this power amongst the rest of Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, which Nia identifies as her father's will. Simon decides that combining is what they should do next, and all of the Tengen Toppa Gunmen merge together, forming a gargantuan Kamina-like entity made of Spiral Power. This is...

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

The Anti-Spiral are stunned by their foes' new weapon, demanding to know how they could control that much energy. Simon attributes it to their being more evolved that they were a minute before. Little by little, they advance a little further with each turn, like a drill. Angrier than ever, the Anti-Spiral form Super Granzeboma, saying that what Simon proposes is the path to extinction. They demand to know why Simon can't see the limitation of the Spiral races, as Super Granzeboma attempts to drill Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. But Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann produces a drill of its own in response, while Simon says that the Anti-Spiral are the limited ones. They just sit in their closed-off universe, locking away other life forms like they're some kind of king. To Simon, that's nobody's limitation but the Anti-Spiral's own. Yoko agrees, saying that humans had people much greater than them, and how they will continue to move forward for their sake. Nia then adds that the human heart is limitless, and that she's staked everything on its greatness.

Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann throws off its cape, and Simon uses Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break. The Anti-Spiral respond in kind, with the Anti-Spiral Giga Drill Break. The collision between the two attacks causes the Anti-Spiral dimension's galaxies to collapse inwards toward the twin Giga Drills. The Anti-Spiral Giga Drill breaks the Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill, but Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann emerges from Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann with a Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break. When the Tengen Toppa Giga Drill breaks, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann emerges with a Super Galaxy Giga Drill Break. When the Super Galaxy Giga Drill breaks, Arc-Gurren Lagann emerges with an Arc-Giga Drill Break. When the Arc-Giga Drill breaks, Gurren Lagann flies out with its Giga Drill. All this while, the lowering stages of Gurren Lagann have been fighting back the Anti-Spiral Giga Drill back to the Super Granzeboma, until the Granzeboma (set as Super Granzeboma's crown) is in plain view.

The Anti-Spiral are stunned; their power was supposed to be unbreakable. Simon tells them to mark his words: their drill will open a hole in the universe, which will become a path for those that come after them. The dreams of those who have fallen, and the hopes of those who will follow; those two sets of dreams weave together in a double helix, drilling a path towards tomorrow. And that, Simon declares, is Tengen Toppa (heaven-piercing). That is Gurren Lagann. Defiantly, Simon cries that his drill is the drill that creates the heavens.

At that, the Anti-Spiral Giga Drill finally breaks, allowing Gurren Lagann to charge at Granzeboma. As the Gunmen takes damage from tentacles fired from first the Granzeboma and then the Anti-Spiral homeworld itself, Viral (in Gurren) grabs Lagann (with Simon and Nia in it) and uses a Cannonball Attack toss Lagann towards the Anti-Spiral homeworld. The Anti-Spiral themselves are forced to attack; their tentacles lop off Lagann's limbs one after another, and Simon's star-shaped sunglasses shatter. Before they can Lagann Impact the Anti-Spiral, Lagann itself throws its pilot from the cockpit, and Simon flies at the Anti-Spiral to deliver a punch. The fight between evolution and stagnation has degenerated into a fistfight.

As Nia watches from the remains of Lagann, Simon begins drawing the blood in the air towards his arm. Exhausted but determined, he declares that he will always believe in himself, humans, and the future. As the blood forms into a drill, Simon yells that his drill is his soul, and then he and the Anti-Spiral lunge at each other one more time. After a tense moment, it is seen that Simon has drilled through the Anti-Spiral, who asks Simon to protect the universe. Simon says that they obviously will, asking that the Anti-Spiral believe in humanity.

The Anti-Spiral universe collapses, and Arc-Gurren, Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, and all the Laganns are deposited in their home dimension. Eventually, Rossiu contacts Simon, telling how the freed Spiral races are contacting them one after another with messages of joy. Simon and Nia in the original Lagann are found by Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren in their Laganns, and agree to return home.

Old Coco welcomes Nia back, and hands her her wedding dress. Simon finds it beautiful. Kiyoh, Kinon, and Kiyal are seen crying over a memorial for Kittan.

Seed of Tears, Flower of Smiles Edit

A week later...

In a letter to Kamina in her diary, Nia simply writes that she will marry Simon today. A part of her hand pixelates and begins to disappear, but she covers it with her other hand says "just a bit longer". Yoko walks in, and tells Nia that it's nearly time. Nia passes her diary on to Yoko, telling her that she trusts that only to Yoko. Yoko asks Nia about Simon, and Nia says that Simon knows all of her feelings. Simon is seen patting Lagann.

At the wedding, all of Team Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren is gathered as Rossiu oversees the wedding as priest. Simon and Nia kiss, and everyone cheers, but Yoko notices something wrong. Nia is dissolving into pixels. Simon tells Nia that he will never forget her, even if the universe ends. She says that that is a silly thing to say, since the universe will never end, because of what they fought for. Before she disappears, she tells Simon that she loves him, and he tells her that he loves her. Within moments, Nia has completely disappeared, leaving only her ring, which bounces to Yoko's feet.

Simon thanks everyone. He and Nia were very happy. Gimmy asks Simon why he isn't using the Power of the Spiral to bring Nia back. He could also use it to bring back everyone else they lost. Yoko says that Simon isn't God, and Simon says that bringing back those who died would just get in the way of the next generation. Passing the Core Drill on to Gimmy, Simon leaves governmental responsibility to Rossiu, saying that he is only Simon the Digger. There are people better suited to going through the tunnels he's dug. As Simon pulls on a cape, Yoko tosses him Nia's ring, he catches it, and walks off towards the horizon.

Epilogue: Twenty Years Later Edit

After the credits, a muscular hooded man drills through bedrock at the bottom of a well, and water bursts forth. He wears a ring with a green gem set into it as a necklace. The village chief tells the man how his village will not go thirsty now, and asks how they can repay him. The man says that they need only plant seeds and grow flowers. A nearby radio reveals that Rossiu is now President, and that the Galaxy Spiral Nations he advocated are underway after twenty years of discussion. The Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren will set forth in a matter of hours, with Captain Viral, who advocates love and spirit, on board.

That night, the man sees a small boy trying to drill a hole in a coconut, and tells the kid he's putting forward too much force, and that he needs to be more gentle with the drill. The man's advice works, and the kid ignores the man asking the kid who the hell he thinks he is. The man then muses that he's probably just nobody. In the distance, Gurren Lagann and several Grapearls launch to dock with the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. The kid thinks that Gurren Lagann is going off to fight again, and asks if they will win. The man says that Gurren Lagann's not going to fight, but to meet friends. The kid asks if he can go, too. The man says that he can, since:

"The lights in the sky are stars."

Boota emerges onto the man's shoulder, and the man, now revealed as Simon, says that they are indeed stars. Stars where Spiral cousins are waiting for them.

Trivia Edit

  • Kinon is seen smiling in the background just after Gurren Lagann shows up to face the Mugann for the first time.
  • In the scene where the Anti-Spiral begins analyzing Nia's data, scenes from Childhood's End can be seen on the Anti-Spiral's body, as can scenes from Episode 12 of Yoko cutting Nia's hair, inferring that Nia perhaps had it cut after the defeat of the Do-Ten-Kai-Zan.
  • While Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is active, Yoko and Nia's nipples are plainly visible. Apparently, the production team realized that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann would possibly end up being the only Gainax anime not to show female nipples plainly onscreen, so they presented them as is.
  • You Yoshinari did not do designs for either Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann or Super Granzeboma before he started animating the final battle. He designed them one frame at a time as he animated the sequence.
  • When the Super Tengen Toppa Giga Drill Break and Anti-Spiral Giga Drill Break collide, an infinity symbol (a sideways number 8) appears briefly when the Anti-Spiral dimension collapses.
  • Lagann-hen is a pun on the name of Simon's Gunmen, and perhaps reflects on how Kamina named it. The first kanji in the "Ragan" of Lagann-hen means "spiral", and the second means 'stone'. Basically, Lagann is a mecha that was unearthed with a 'spiral' (the appearance of a drill from head-on) from the 'stone'.
  • The entire battle between Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Granzeboma theoretically took more than 8 billion years due to the incredible size of the mechs and the rate that STTGL transforms.