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Guinble Kite (ギンブレー・カイト, Ginburē Kaito) is a young man who works for the New Government seven years after the fall of Teppelin. He serves Rossiu in his endeavours to avert disaster following the Anti-Spirals declaring war on Earth. He remains on Earth while Simon and Team Dai-Gurren depart to defeat the Anti-Spiral.


  • A young Guinble appears in Childhood's End after Gurren Lagann destroys the Do-Ten-Kai-Zan. He and a young Cybela Coutaud also appear in the opening of The Lights in the Sky are Stars.
  • On the subtitles, and in the cast list on the DVD, his name is written as Guinble. On the official Movie website, his name is written as Guimble Kite. The television Romanisation of ギンブレー is utilised in the article title, and the movie Romanisation of カイト is used, to strike a middle ground.