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The village square.

Giha Village (ジーハ) was an underground village located relatively close to Littner Village. The people there had access to electric generators, water, and raised pig-moles. It was a village that consisted of tunnels which were being ever expanded by their diggers who utilized large hand drills to navigate through the earth.

Pig-moles played a massive role in the lives of Giha's residents, since they were used as their only known source of food, clothing, and even bathing. Because their water supply was limited to only be used for drinking, bathing was performed by allowing pig-moles to lick the dirt and such off of one's body.

The chief was characterized as being "as large as he is a jerk".

Notable Residents

  • Simon
  • Kamina
  • Boota
  • Chief Shak
  • Takeshi (Simon's father, deceased)
  • Sheeta (Simon's mother, deceased)
  • Joe (Kamina's father, deceased)
  • Kamina's Mother (presumed deceased)


  • The drills used in Giha Village were invented by Simon's father, Takeshi, according to the first light novel.
  • Giha Village gets its name from a derivative of the Japanese word "hashi" (haji), which means "end".
  • The word Jiha in Korean means "underground".
  • The name is sometimes transcribed as "Jeeha" or "Jiha", although "Giha" is the spelling that features in Aniplex's releases.