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There are 27 episodes of Gurren Lagann including a special episode. It is divided into two halves. The second half takes place seven years after the defeat of Lordgenome. Each episode title is actually a line said by a main character. From Episode 1 to 8, it was Kamina's. From Episode 9 to 15, it was Nia's. from Episode 17 to 22, it was Rossiu's and from Episode 23 onward, it was Simon's.

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1st Half

The series begins when Simon, a shy, introverted boy living in the underground Jeeha Village, finds a small, glowing drill while digging new tunnels. His discovery soon leads to the uncovering of a strange robot, which his boisterous, hotheaded "bro", Kamina, insists that he use to find the legendary "surface" above the village. Joined by the beautiful sharpshooter Yoko and accompanied by their loyal pet pigmole, Boota, Simon and Kamina find themselves caught up in a grand adventure to defeat the Beastmen and their leader, the mysterious Spiral King...

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2nd Half

This part of the series takes place seven years after the defeat of Lordgenome . Humanity has repopulated the surface under the watchful eyes of Team Dai-Gurren, with Rossiu leading the reconstruction efforts. Dayakka and Kiyoh are happily married and expecting their first child, Yoko is a beloved schoolteacher, and Simon asks Nia to marry him, but the peace is soon shattered when the doom prophecized by Lordgenome proves to be all too real...

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