Later, Buddy
Kamina as he dies
English Name Later, Buddy
Japanese Name Abayo, Dachikō (あばよ、ダチ公)
Episode Number 8
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English Airdate 18th August 2008
Orginal Airdate 20th May 2007
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode

Later, Buddy is the 8th episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on May 20th 2007.

Synopsis Edit

After temporarily taking down the Dai-Gunzan, Leeron discovers that the Lagann has a special system that allows for unification. Deducing that this could allow them to take control of the Dai-Gunzan, the group formulates a plan to take ther Dai-Gunzan the next day. The Great Gurren Brigade has a small party to celebrate and relax before the coming battle.

Simon, who is scared that the entire battle relies on him, is resting in the Lagann when Yoko comes to visit him and talk. Simon begins to realize that he is in love with Yoko, and prepares to say something, but Yoko leaves to find Kamina. She warns him that he better not act like he did in the last battle-just charging in like crazy-in tommorrow's battle. Then Yoko kisses Kamina, who kisses her back and promises that after the battle it will be "Ten times better". Simon sees this and runs back to the Lagann, heartbroken. While he is sitting there, moping, Kamina finds him and thinks he is scared about tomorrow's battle, and says that it will be fine.
The next day, the Dai-Gurren Brigade begins to march to where the Dai-Gunzan fell. They start the battle by throwing boulders down at the Beastmen, who then charge up and get into close quarters combat with the Brigade. In the heat of the battle, Viral declares that he will reclaim his helmet from Kamina, but Kamina replies that he doesn't have it today. At that moment, Simon emerges from the mountain behind Dai-Gunzan. Thymilph tries to fire, but Lagann is in the battleship's blind spot. Simon successfully lands on the Dai-Gunzan-narrowly missing Thymilph with his Lagann Impact-but his mixed emotions about Yoko keep him from fully fusing with the giant Gunman.

Seeing that something is wrong, Kamina abandons the battle by pinning Viral's Enkidu with Gurren's sunglasses. He jumps on the deck of the Dai-Gunzan, gets out of Gurren, and punches Simon in the face, telling him to believe in himself. With Kamina's encouragement, Simon successfully fuses with Dai-Gunzan-but unknown to them, Thymilph prepares to enter the fray himself. Satisfied, Kamina returns to his own mech, but as he prepares to rejoin the battle, a blast shoots right through Gurren and badly injures him. Thymilph emerges from the Dai-Gunzan in his personal Gunman, Byakou, but before Kamina can attack, Gurren is pinned down by its own sunglasses, courtesy of Viral. The enraged Beastmen duo proceed to pummel Gurren, ending with Byakou impaling its body-and Kamina-with its spear. Everyone thinks that Kamina is dead, and Simon goes insane with despair. Viral is sent flying by Dai-Gunzan's flailing arms as the massive mecha lumbers towards a nearby volcano. To everyone's shock, however, Simon is snapped out of his madness-by Kamina. After giving his "bro" another encouraging speech, he and Simon then fuse together to make Gurren-Lagann once more, with a dramatic cry of "Who the hell do you think we are?!"

Infuriated, Thymilph sends his remaining soldiers at the duo, but they are defeated in moments. Thymilph tries to destroy them personally, but Kamina counters by pinning him with Gurren-Lagann's sunglasses, leaving Byakou completely helpless. Before he deals the final blow, however, Kamina gives one last speech to Simon, reminding him to believe, not in Kamina, but in himself. Before Simon can inquire further, Kamina unleashes Gurren-Lagann's most powerful attack yet: the Giga Drill Break, which annihilates Thymilph and destroys Byakou. Simon cheers with the rest of the Brigade, but is stopped short when he hears Kamina whisper:"Later...buddy", as he dies.

Major Events Edit

  • Deaths of Kamina and Thymilph.
  • Capture of Dai-Gunzan.
  • Simon loses his will to fight and falls into a depression.

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