Episode 5

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I Don't Get It, Not One Bit! is the 5th episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on April 29th 2007.

Team Gurren's continuing journey brings them to an underground village, where society mandates a humbling existence and the worship of Gunmen as divine beings. After leaving the village, Team Gurren is joined by Rossiu, son of the village chief, and two children, Gimmy and Darry.


Yoko's inside Gurren with Kamina, but the former of takes up too much space. The reason is because the transportation vehicle (which is just a giant metal block) is painful to her butt. Kamina then says one too many big butt insults, and Yoko starts firing at him. Meanwhile, Leeron finds a patch of land that he claims to be unstable, but Kamina, who is currently being shot at by Yoko, steps on it and the entire brigade gets flung underground.

Rossiu First.jpg
Rossiu's first appearance.

When they all come to they are in an underground village. Everyone thinks that they are angels because they came down in a Gunmen, whom they believe are Face gods. The first person they meet Rossiu Adai and 2 orphans named Darry and Gimmy. The head priest, Father Magin, comes to greet them and he and Kamina instantly get off on the wrong foot.

GandD wins.jpg
Gimmy and Darry win the election.

They get fed and treated very well. Then something goes wrong, the population of the city exceeds 50 and they have to draw lots to send 2 people to "heaven" but they really get exiled to the surface. The lots are drawn and the "winners" are the orphans Darry and Gimmy. Kamina starts to yell at the head priests that the surface is no heaven but closer to hell for young children.

RossiuGimmyDarry Surface.jpg
Rossiu, Gimmy and Darry in the surface

Rossiu gets angry and Kamina is going to attack him, but then another Gunmen falls under ground. Kamina gets in Gurren and Simon gets in Lagann and they form Gurren-Lagann. They fight the enemy but then the Gunmen worshiped by the villagers gets up and attacks the Gunmen. He flings him down a gigantic waterfall, and then it turns out the priest is the pilot, and he asks them to leave. Darry and Gimmy are still forced to go above ground, and Rossiu decides to join them. The Gurren brigade decides to bring them along as they continue for the return point.

Major events

  • Rossiu's Debut
  • Gimmy and Darry's Debut
  • Rossiu, Gimmy and Darry join Team Gurren
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