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Who Do You Think You Are, Having Two Faces!? is the 3rd episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on April 15th 2007.

In the aftermath of the previous battle, Kamina, Simon, and Yoko proceed to forage for provisions. However, a chance encounter with a formidable Beastman, Viral, and his powerful Gunman forces the Gurren and the Lagann to combine to form a new Gunman - Gurren Lagann.


Yoko takes Kamina and Simon out hunting, saying that they are not expecting another attack until the next day because beastmen have some form of rules that they go by. When hunting they learn that Yoko's rifles can shoot arrows as well as bullets, and she lets Kamina try it out. He shoots down some form of flying creature, and when he goes to get it he sees a second arrow in it.

Viral appears

Just then he gets attacked by a beastman. Kamina and Viral get into a sword fight, and as Kamina gets close to losing, he is able to land a sneak attack by pulling out a arrow and hitting Viral in the face with it. The fight is stopped by Simon in Lagann, who jumps in to save Kamina. Kamina and Viral race to their Gunmen and battle. Kamina and Simon find them self unable to hurt Viral, who almost destroys them with a laser. He notices the sun setting and returns to base.

Yoko and Leeron decide to go with Simon and Kamina.

The next day, Kamina waits for Viral, who lands. Dayakka and the defenders try to help but before they can do damage, Viral nearly kills them. Kamina saves them but gets beaten. Simon, who is too scared to move, is talked to by Yoko and convinced to help. He launches a surprise attack on Viral and saves Kamina. Kamina decides to end the battle by merging with Lagann, which fails. Viral attacks again but Lagann and Gurren merge for real and form the powerful Gurren Lagann. Viral is defeated but retreats.

That evening, Kamina and Simon decide to leave and find the Beastmen base. Leeron and Yoko decide to go. The gang leaves, with Kamina taking his father's cape and they set out to find the base.

Major events

  • Viral's Debut
  • Gurren Lagann's Debut


  • In the manga, a joke was made where when Simon and Kamina first combined, the drill went through and stabbed Kamina, killing him.

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