The Lights in the Sky are Stars
Episode 27 2
English Name The Lights in the Sky are Stars
Japanese Name Ten no Hikari wa Subete Hoshi (天の光は全て星)
Episode Number 27
English Airdate 10th November 2008
Orginal Airdate 30th September 2007
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode

The Lights in the Sky are Stars is the 27th and final episode in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. It first aired on September 30, 2007.

Synopsis Edit

The Anti-Spiral talks to Nia, asking why she resists the Anti-Spiral race, explaining that Nia is a virtual lifeform that spliced into the genome of a Spiral race, that would be awaken and become the Anti-Spiral's messenger when a Spiral race rose up: her only reason for being and that Nia isn't special or unique at all. Anti-Spiral's arm begins to extend towards her, his hand grasping Nia's head, she starts to scream in pain and disappear. The Anti-Spiral tells Nia that it will determine reason behind her defiance and the reason behind the Spiral races' abstinence, so as to uncover the key to exterminating all Spiral lifeforms. Nia says that no matter how much he probes her body, the Anti-Spiral will never understand. Anti-Spiral calmly lashes back that they have no need to understand, only to know. Nia boldly states that the Anti-Spirals will never be able to defeat Team Dai-Gurren, and confidently says that Simon will come; Nia's ring begins to shine green, then a drill launches out, followed by Gurren Lagann itself. The drill breaks Nia free from capture; however this also causes her "outfit" to vanish. Simon catches her in his coat, and he tells her that he's here now, just like he promised.


The Team Dai-Gurren members in the drills

Nia smiles and thirteen drills crash down in front of Gurren Lagann in two columns containing Yoko, Viral, Gimmy, Darry, Leeron, Dayakka, the Lordgenome Head, Leyte, Cybela, Tetukan, Gabal, Attenborough, and Boota. The Anti-Spiral, dumbfounded, state the impossibility of sentient life escaping the Extradimensional Labyrinth. Simon tells the Anti-Spiral that space, time, and alternate dimensions don't mean a thing to Team Dai-Gurren, who will do things their way and smash the Anti-Spiral's set-out path.

Gurren Lagann is engulfed by Arc-Gurren Lagann. Arc-Gurren Lagann is engulfed by Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. Each Team Dai-Gurren member is using a Lagann from the Galactic Spiral Abyss, and combines with Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. Born from the center of the galaxy, standing atop the spiral of stars like a platform, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is born.

The Anti-Spiral now see how their messenger was made Irregular, when violated with such quantities of Spiral Power. They manifest the Granzeboma to combat Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann on even grounds, so as to make it all the more despairing when Team Dai-Gurren loses. The Lordgenome Head is now more than a head, but a replica of Lordgenome's whole body. He tells Nia that though he cannot face her as a father after all he has done, he feels that she has done well, and she thanks him.


Granzeboma grabbing the galaxies to use as weapons

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Granzeboma begin the final battle, and Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is soon forced to hide behind another galaxy. Yoko manifests a galaxy-sized rifle for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, and fires on the Granzeboma, with back-up fire from Gimmy, Darry, and Attenborough. The Anti-Spiral call out that Team Dai-Gurren's chances of winning are zero. Yoko spots a sphere hovering between Granzeboma's horns, and shoots at it. It is the Anti-Spiral homeworld. The Anti-Spiral, grabbing galaxies and hurling them like shuriken, explain that they were once a Spiral race, but began annihilating Spiral races when they learned that the evolution of Spiral power would lead to the destruction of the universe. Sealing their homeworld in a pocket dimension, and sealing their bodies and thus their evolution on their homeworld, the Anti-Spiral use these as proof of their determination to protect the universe.

The Granzeboma's blades slice the sniper rifle in two. Viral draws a pair of swords, and does battle against the Granzeboma's four. The Anti-Spiral speak of their great determination and tremendous sacrifices to protect the universe, and ask if Team Dai-Gurren has that same determination. Vehemently stating that Team Dai-Gurren does not, the Granzeboma shatters Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's swords, smashing Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann across and through several galaxies, all the while deriding their lack of resolve and justifying their own need to terminate Team Dai-Gurren.

Team Dai-Gurren wonders why their attacks don't do anything, they say that they wont beable to protect the earth if this goes on, then the earth is seen by Team Dai Gurren, which is said to look like a space-time teleportation fold, Leeron theorises that this was created from the battle between Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and the Granzeboma interacting with the Spiral Realm Perceptual Teleportation System, thus creating a space-time bypass. A portal to Earth opens, and the Anti-Spiral notes that this must be their homeworld, reaching for it.

On Earth, Kiyal is putting up the laundry, and freezes at the sight of the Granzeboma. Fetching Kiyoh and Anne in their house, she points it out to them. Rossiu and Kinon pick up an unbelievably huge reading on the Perceptual Teleportation System. All of a sudden a pair of drill-shaped Super Dimensional Anchors ensnare the Granzeboma, and Dayakka shouts that the Anti-Spiral are not touching his Earth. Kiyal and Kiyoh see Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Dayakka tells Gabal to give it all he's got, and then Dayakka uses his "'I've Got The Best Wife In The Universe' Swing" to send the Anti-Spiral flying. Kiyoh, watching from Earth, blushes. People cheer at Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's attack.

Attenborough opens fire with a volley of Probability Alteration Missiles so as to negate the probability of the Anti-Spiral successfully blocking. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Granzeboma grapple. Simon tells the Anti-Spiral that the tomorrow they're fighting for is not the tomorrow the Anti-Spiral planned for them, but the tomorrow that they set out for themselves, one tomorrow out of all the infinite universes. Simon says that they will fight and protect the universe and stop the Spiral Nemesis. The Anti-Spiral, enraged, tell Simon that they can't possibly do that, but Simon challenges the Anti-Spiral to watch them.

Incensed, the Anti-Spiral grab a pair of galaxies with Granzeboma and force them together, preparing their ultimate attack: Infinity Big Bang Storm, a cannon with energy behind it on par with that at the birth of the universe. Team Dai-Gurren is in a real pinch.

TTGL Swallowing drill

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann taking Lordgenome's drill

Lazengann emerges from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's mouth, performing his Lazengann Overload move. Nia cries out, but Lordgenome tells her to spare her tears, since he will gladly give his life to create a future for all Spiral life. With the final burst of Infinity Big Bang Storm from Granzeboma, Lazengann undergoes quantum breakdown, and Lordgenome's last act is to convert all that energy into Spiral Power, converting it into a tremendous drill, and telling Simon to take it. Taking it into Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Simon declares that he and Lordgenome will do this together. The Spiral Gauge runs off the charts as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann goes full drillized.

Now, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's attacks are damaging Granzeboma. It instantly regenerates every time, but the Anti-Spiral fearfully ask where Team Dai-Gurren is drawing their power from. Simon puts it down to their being more evolved that they were a minute before. Little by little, they advance a little further with each turn, like a drill. The Anti-Spiral say that what Simon proposes is the path to extinction, asking why Simon can't see the limitation of the Spiral races. Simon counters that that is in fact the Anti-Spiral's limitation. They just sit in their closed-off universe, locking away other life forms like they're some kind of king. To Simon, that's nobody's limitation but the Anti-Spiral's own. Yoko agrees, saying that humans had a person much greater than them, and how they will continue to move forward for his sake. Nia adds that the human heart is limitless, and that she's staked everything on its greatness, too.

Simon tells the Anti-Spiral to mark his words, that this drill will open a hole in the universe, that that hole will become a path for those that come after them. The dreams of those who have fallen, and the hopes of those who will follow; those two sets of dreams weave together in a double helix, drilling a path towards tomorrow. Simon says that his drill is the drill that creates the heavens as the two charge forward.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Granzeboma, a drill on each arm, dash towards each other, drilling through each other. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann emerges, but is pinned by drills from Granzeboma's mouth. Arc-Gurren Lagann emerges from Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann's mouth and continues the charge. Drills from the Anti-Spiral homeworld (between Granzeboma's horns) pin Arc-Gurren Lagann; Gurren Lagann emerges from Arc-Gurren Lagann's mouth and flies to the homeworld. Eventually, even Gurren Lagann itself is paralyzed; Viral in Gurren grabs Lagann (with Simon and Nia in it) and uses a Cannonball Attack toss Lagann towards the Anti-Spiral homeworld. The Anti-Spiral's tentacles lop off Lagann's limbs one after another, and Simon's star-shaped sunglasses shatter as he performs Lagann Impact.

After a tense moment, it is seen that Simon has drilled through the Anti-Spiral, who asks Simon to protect the universe. Simon says that they obviously will, stating that humanity is not that stupid to destroy it.

The Anti-Spiral universe collapses, and Arc-Gurren, Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, and all the Laganns are deposited in their home dimension. Eventually, Rossiu contacts Simon, telling how the freed Spiral races are contacting them one after another with messages of joy. Simon and Nia in the original Lagann are found by Team Dai-Gurren in their Laganns, and agree to return home. Old Coco welcomes Nia back, and hands her her wedding dress. Simon finds it beautiful.

A week later, all of Team Dai-Gurren is gathered as Rossiu acts as a priest at the wedding between Simon and Nia. Simon and Nia kiss, and everyone cheers, but Yoko notices something wrong. Nia is dissolving into pixels. Simon tells Nia that he will never forget her, even if the universe ends. She says that that is a silly thing to say, since the universe will never end, because of what they fought for. Before she disappears, she tells Simon that she loves him, and he tells her that he loves her. Within moments, Nia has completely disappeared, leaving only her ring, which bounces to Yoko's feet.


Simon walking away after his marriage with and "death" of Nia.

Simon says that this is alright, since they both knew this would happen in destroying the Anti-Spiral. Viral adds that since Nia was a virtual lifeform created by the Anti-Spiral, they should be amazed she lasted as long as she did. Gimmy asks Simon why he isn't using the Power of the Spiral to bring Nia back. He could also use it to bring back everyone else they lost. Yoko says that Simon isn't God, and Simon says that bringing back those who died would just get in the way of the next generation. Passing the Core Drill on to Gimmy, Simon leaves governmental responsibility to Rossiu, saying that he is only Simon the Digger. There are people better suited to going through the tunnels he's dug. As Simon pulls on his trench coat, Yoko tosses him Nia's ring, he catches it, and walks off towards the horizon.

Epilogue: 20 Years LaterEdit

In a high-tech neon city, an older Leeron and Rossiu talk about how the Galactic Spiral Peace Conference is approaching. Leeron hopes it goes well and Rossiu says that it has taken 20 years to put together, because even though they are all Spiral races, they all think differently. Leeron says that it would have been impossible for anyone but President Rossiu. Rossiu wonders where "he" is, and Leeron says that "he" is probably watching over them; that's the kind of man "he" is.

On an island, an older Yoko receives a holographic message from a now-adult Naakim, who has been selected to be in the Grapearl Squadron. He addresses her as Ms. Yomako, telling her that they will not let the Spiral Nemesis happen. Two children calling good-bye to Yoko indicate that she is now the schoolhouse's principal.

An adult Gimmy and Darry are shown standing in front of Gurren Lagann, mentioning that it's finally time. Members of Team Dai-Gurren and others, on Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren are shown telling Commander Viral that the Grapearl Forces are about to lift off. Viral tells them to activate the Super Spiral Engine, and then to teleport into deep space as soon as the Grapearls are aboard. They're representing Earth, so Viral tells them to put some spirit into it.

At Kamina's grave, the sword is still in the ground with the cape wrapped on it, along with six other swords in honor of Kittan, Zorthy, Kidd, Iraak, Makken, Jorgun, and Balinbow; those who died for the freedom of Spiral races everywhere. Next to the Team Dai-Gurren gravesite is a memorial with flowers on it, including a cross with Nia's ring resting on it and a piece of veil like hers on her wedding day tied around it.

That night, the man sees a small boy trying to drill a hole in a coconut, and tells the kid he's putting forward too much force, and that he needs to be more gentle with the drill. The man's advice works, and the kid ignores the man asking the kid who the hell he thinks he is. The man then muses that he's probably just nobody. In the distance, Gurren Lagann and several Grapearls launch to dock with the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. The kid is excited about "all the Gurren Laganns", and asks if he can go, too. The man says that he can, since:

"The lights in the sky are stars."

Boota emerges onto the man's shoulder, and the man, now revealed as Simon, says that they are indeed stars. Stars where their Spiral cousins are waiting for them.

As Simon's last words trail off, the night sky is alight with the magnificent, glittering trail of Spiral Power coming from Gurren Lagann. The trail spirals in the shape of a drill, then straightens out into a single stream of light, ending with the blue, star-like aura of the Gunmen as it flies off into space, twinkling with brilliance.


Major eventsEdit

  • Creation and destruction of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • First and only appearance of Granzeboma, followed by its destruction
  • The death of the Anti-Spiral, thus removing the only force keeping Nia a corporeal being
  • Team Dai-Gurren returns to Earth
  • Kittan's sisters learn of the brother's death (background event)
  • Makken's children learn of his father's death (background event)
  • Marriage of Simon and Nia
  • Nia's "death"
  • Lordgenome's second and final death
  • Simon's retirement, Boota following him respectively
  • Simon passes on the Core Drill to Gimmy and becomes a nameless wanderer to help realize Nia's dream of making the world beautiful
  • Contact with other Spiral races in the galaxy
  • Simon's Spiral Power has been hinted to be limitless, but he refuses to chance the Spiral Nemesis by reviving the dead- or lacks the power to properly do so


  • Earth's technology has advanced much further, into a futuristic cityscape
  • The Galactic Spiral Peace Conference is about to be held
  • Rossiu is now president of Earth, Leeron his adviser
  • Nakim becomes a pilot in the elite Grapearl squadron alongside Gurren Lagann, and Earth's representative for The Galactic Spiral Peace Conference
  • Earth and other Spiral races are searching for a solution to stop the Spiral Nemesis once and for all
  • Yoko returns to her life as a teacher, once again under the identity "Yomako," and becomes principal of her school
  • A fleet of new-age Grapearls have been produced
  • Gimmy and Darry now pilot Gurren Lagann
  • Viral now commands Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, with a new crew alongside him, save for Cybela, his navigator on the bridge
  • Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren now sports a new bridge (possibly destroyed in the final battle with the Anti Spiral) with a zero gravity environment
  • Kamina's burial site now sports a memorial for all of the crew members who were killed by the Anti-Spiral fleet: six swords placed alongside Kamina's, in honor of Zorthy, Irakk, Kidd, Makken, Jorgun and Balinbow, and Kittan
  • A memorial in honor of Nia now stands on a hill beside Kamina's and the fallen crew of Dai-Gurren: a white cross with a piece of veil (like the one she wore when she disappeared) tied to the back, holding Nia's wedding ring (though not in the second movie adaption, The Lights in the Sky are Stars, as Simon keeps Nia's ring with him), surrounded by hundreds of flowers- the kind Nia had at her wedding with Simon
  • Gurren Lagann, the pilots, and its Grapearl squadron head off into space to attend The Galactic Spiral Peace Conference
  • Simon has developed a Spiral eye
  • Simon has resumed a life as a digger
  • Simon and Boota have become drifters, though always capable of returning to their old lives as adventurers, Spiral warriors, and heroes
  • Conclusion of Part IV, and conclusion of the anime series


  • Nia's rescue seems to have been inspired by G Gundam, where the hero makes a similar rescue and has to give the girl something to cover herself with.
  • Episode 27 is the last episode in Gurren Lagann. The creators felt proud of the ending and added that if they let it end happy, it wouldn't work out.
    • However, some fans were angered by the ending, believing it unjust for Nia to "die" and leave Simon with a broken heart.
  • Rossiu after the final time-skip looks like Father Magin. In both the English and Japanese versions, they share voice actors as well.
  • Simon, in the epilogue, is revealed to be the narrator of the series.
  • For unexplained reasons, Nia's wedding dress and shoes dissolve with her body as she fades away, but not her wedding ring. This could hint that Nia could somehow still be alive and still exist in some unknown way and Simon is trying to find her again, without risking the Spiral Nemesis in the process.
  • The second movie adaption, The Lights in the Sky are Stars, has radically different changes in plot elements and battles as opposed to the final episode, causing a slightly different ending than in the anime.
  • Gainax stopped at episode 27 with the budget nearly exhausted. Producing any more episodes past 26 (ignoring episode 16, a compilation of the past episodes with no new animated scenes) would risk bankruptcy.
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann set a record for the super robot genre's biggest mecha- until Gainax topped it with the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
  • Unlike episodes 17 through 26, the pre- and post-commercial eycatches don't have "Row Row fight The Power" playing, possibly signifying the end of the series. 
  • There are differences between the intro to this episode and the ending of the previous. In the previous episode, both the Anti-Spiral and Nia have only a few lines to say before they both notice her proposal ring glowing, after which Gurren Lagann emerges with Simon emerging from its head. This episode begins with the Anti-Spiral making a speech with Nia saying a few rebellious lines before being scanned by the Anti-Spiral, and neither of them notice the ring glowing until after Gurren Lagann emerges.