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I Accept Your Last Wish! is the 25th episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on September 16th 2007.


Kittan gives a speach to Gimmy and Darry

The Chouginga Dai-Gurren is pushed down below what appears to be water. Panicking, Simon orders them to get out of it, but they are unable to. Lordgenome reveals it is a Death-Spiral field, which absorbs all Spiral power and converts it into superdense matter. Meanwhile, the rest of the Anti-Spiral ships go in and begin to move the ship down. Kittan and Yoko go out, much to the surprise of a scared Gimmy. Kittan explains it isn't their fault Jorgen and Balinbo died so they don't owe them. The two fight but begin to get overwhelmed until Gimmy and Darry show up and help destroy all the ships.

The gang is shocked to see what appear to be Lagann types. The Anti-Spiral tells them that they were from the First War and that they are by no means the first Spirals to have come so far. Simon gets upset by this and yells that the will fight to honor their fallen friends and the Spiral Warriors that fell. As the ship moves downward, Simon loses his focus and the drill breaks, injurying him. Viral orders him to rest for a second and as Simon does, Viral gets angry because he lacks Spiral Power to help Simon. Boota shows up and Viral decides to let him in. To everyone's shock, Boota begins to release Spiral Power,allowing Gurren to help Lagann. Team Dai-Gurren decides the best thing to do is to destroy the Death Spiral Machine by going down its "Throat". However, as the pressure increases, the ship begins to get flooded with superdense space matter, or "Spacing" (as opposed to sinking).

Kittan's death

This leaves then with little time to destroy it. The first missile is fired, but it blows up before it can hit. Yoko decides to take the missile and go on a suicidal run to destroy the Machine, but Kittan takes the job away from her. He kisses her and apologizes for his selfishness. Yoko hugs him and admits she can't stop him. Kittan flies out and yells that "I ain't saying no showy crap like Later, buddy". He simply yells "Be seeing ya soon". Kittan breaks the barrier and fires the missle but to his and the others' horror it breaks and he gives a cry as his Gunmen explodes from the pressure. The gang assumes he is dead and mourn the loss of Kittan.

However, Yoko sees a lifeform on the radar and realizes its Kittan. Kittan gives a short speach and says that his drill (he borrowed one of Gurren Lagann's shattered drills) represents his soul. Thus awakens his Spiral power. The bent drill regenerates and Kittan performs the King Kittan Giga Drill Break. The explosion destroys the Death Spiral Machine. As Kittan is disintegrated by the explosion, he says "So this is Spiral power, not bad". He laughs as he fades away.

Yoko and the others begin to mourn the loss of Kittan when Spiral Power begins to flood the area. Lordgenome reveals that without the Death Spiral Machine, the matter is being converted back into Spiral Power, and the Team realizes they can use all this power. Lordgenome also says that the operation's chances of success were theoretically zero, and is impressed that his calculations are irrelevant as far as Team Dai-Gurren goes. Simon hangs his head down and says "Kittan. I accept your last wish" and proceeds to put his goggles on. The ship begins to transform and Simon's googles transform into glasses reminiscent of Kamina's, but shaped like a star. The new Mecha, Chouginga Gurren Lagann (Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann) rises and Simon proclaims that the Anti-Spirals will feel the power of the human race.



Shot of Kittan's face, with spiral eyes, as well as Yoko.


Shot of Space King Kittan's Face.

Major Events

  • Kittan's awakening of Spiral Power.
  • Death of Kittan.
  • Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann Debut.


  • Simon's goggles transform into a pair of glasses that has the same look as Kamina's glasses, but with the addition of three triangles to form a star. The newly transformed glasses represent two people in Simon's life: Kamina and Kittan.
  • Kittan's sacrifice scene references that of Musashi's from both the original Getter Robo Manga and anime.
  • Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann rising out of the dark sea with its arms crossed is a reference to when Getter Robo G did the same in the manga.

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