You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive
Episode 21
English Name You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive
Japanese Name Anata wa Ikinokorubeki Hito da (あなたは生き残るべき人だ)
Episode Number 21
English Airdate 27th October 2008
Orginal Airdate 19th August 2007
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Episode

You Are Someone Who Ought to Survive is the 21st episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on August 19th 2007.

Synopsis Edit

After Nia appears to Simon, Yoko comes and drives her off. It then goes into a flash back about what Yoko has been doing for the last year.

It shows a young boy called Naakim getting tormented by some other kids and he gets pushed down. A girl tries to help him up but Yoko comes by and says he should get up on his own, which he does. Yoko then gets introduced as the teacher at that school, and she is going by the name Yomako.

Her students love her and she is a great teacher. One day Naakim notices that Yomako shares a striking resemblance to Yoko, but she quickly silences him under the grounds that there is no talking in class. Later his back pack (which once belonged to his father) is thrown into a very tall tree and he climbs it to get it, but he can't get down. So Yoko climbs the tree to talk to him and she gets him down. Then they get the order to evacuate to an underground town. Everyone is there except one girl, who was at the light house.

A human and a beastman arrive in their Gunmen, kidnap Maosha and tell the people to give them all their food. Yoko quickly removes her outfit and reveals a new one very similar to her old appearance, then dispatches the beastmen with her rifle, revealing the fact that she is Yoko to everyone else. She then goes to Kamina City.

It then returns to current time, and she frees Simon, who then frees Viral. They get out of jail, and Kittan returns the core drill to Simon. Simon then extends an offer to Viral to pilot Gurren. He accepts and all the Gurren Brigade blast off into space to help Rossiu. The episode ends with Viral and Simon saying Kamina's signature catch phrase.

Major events Edit

  • Yoko is revealed to have become a teacher in the aftermath of Teppelin.
  • Simon regains the Core Drill.
  • Viral becomes the pilot of Gurren.
  • Viral joins Team Dai-Gurren.

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