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Bust through the Heavens with Your Drill! or "Omae no Doriru de Ten o Tsuke!" (お前のドリルで天を突け!) is the first episode of the Gurren Lagann anime. It first aired on April 1st, 2007.

In Giha village, during an attempt to escape to the surface - something almost unheard of - Kamina and Simon bear witness to a monstrous Gunman, as it crashes through the ceiling into the middle of their subterranean home. Together with the Gunman's pursuer, a girl from the neighboring village, Yoko, the two young men find the key - a small Gunman buried deep in the ground, named Lagann by Kamina - to both defeating the massive intruder and leaving Giha Village.


Adult Simon first scene

An unknown battleship soars through space, and on the bridge, figures move about at their respective battle stations. At one station, a crewman detects a large group of ships, identified as the enemy, heading toward them. The commander then gives orders to prepare for battle.


Simon discovers the small drill

Simon, a 14- year- old boy who lives in the underground village of Giha, is doing his job of digging to expand the village when he uncovers a small drill that glows at his touch. He leaves his hole and comes out to the village, where a few girls see him and mock him.

Simon and Kamina's first attempt to reach the surface

He walks away with his head down and bumps into Kamina, a person he calls "aniki" or big brother, even though they have no true relation. He grabs Simon and forces him to join him in an attempt to head to the surface. They ride some mole-pigs to try and break through the roof but are foiled by the village leader, who says Kamina is a liar about the surface, just like Kamina's father. Kamina claims he and his father went to the surface earlier, but no one believes him so he is thrown in jail, and Simon is sent back to dig more.

While he is digging he finds another discovery, a face which is later revealed to be Lagann. He quickly rushes to break Kamina out of jail. He says he will take Kamina to the face he found, but the village leader finds them again. But before he can punish them, a gigantic robot breaks through the roof, and with it a girl who was battling the mecha.

Yoko falls from the sky

They try to fight the Mecha unarmed, but are no match to it, so Simon realizes that the face might help them. Simon brings Kamina and the girl to the face, and the drill over his neck starts glowing more, and he learns that it can activate it. He activates the mini-mech, and confront the larger "Gunmen" as they are called. Kamina says that "Heaven may forgive you, but this Lagann will never!" which gave the mini-gunmen the name Lagann.

Simon and Kamina's first time in the surface.

Using the drills on Lagann they defeat the enemy, and break through to the surface, and the girl tells them her name is Yoko. The sight amazes Simon and Kamina but Kamina and Yoko soon learn they are falling. Simon closes the hatch but they crash into the ground, sending everyone out. Simon comically lands on Yoko, she responds with a smile, however Yoko's face suddenly widens with shock as she pulls him closer to reveal two more Gunmen behind them.

Major Events

  • Introduction of the main characters
  • Introduction of Gunmen


Pre Commercial: Simon appears in a tunnel, wearing his tunneling clothes as he looks at the screen, his drill pointing forward.

Post Commercial: The Village chief looks down menacingly while the Gunmen appears in the background with light shining down from the whole in the city.


  • At the beginning of the episode, right after the intro, there is a clip of Simon and two unnamed people on the Cathedral Terra with the Gurren Brigade in the background. (One man resembling Boota during his transformation into a human). It is possible that this is the actual Cathedral Terra, as there is Gurren Laggan flag, and Kamina's famous phrase "Just who the hell do you think I am?" is shouted by the commander.
  • The writers later said that the beginning shows what might have happened if Simon had ignored the Anti-Spiral's final words and caused the Spiral Nemesis. As it turned out, this answer came from a theory presented by fans to the creators.
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