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Later, the helmet-less Enki has been redeployed as the upgraded Enkidu (エンキドゥ, Enkidu) and sports a new sickle-like weapon, which is affixed to its head (a homage to Ultraseven 's Eye Slugger weapon). When wielded, it provides an alternative to the dual swords the Enki usually resorts to in melee combat. Furthermore, it is also capable of shelling from afar by physically launching munitions from the same point on its head, once the sickle has been removed. When it is aided by Cytomander's air raid on the Dai-Gurren, it was also equipped with a flight engine, allowing it to fly.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enkidu: The second version of his Custom Gunmen, which has a sickle on top of its head, rather than a helmet with a crest.
    • Sickle Blade: This is used as a sword as well as a throwing projectile, which presumably can be reformed at the top of Enkidu's head.
    • Enki Swords: Enkidu still retains its swords at the side of its hips which he claims he only uses when he takes a fight as an actual challenge.
    • Arm Shield: Has a built in shield in its arms to protect itself from incoming attacks. This was used against Yoko, when she fired a bullet towards Viral.

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