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The Einzer is the personal Gunmen of Iraak Coega in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.


The Einzer is a teal and white Gunmen that vaguely resembles a theropod dinosaur, diverging significantly from a standard Gunmen design. It has a pointed face and "jaw" to resemble a reptilian snout, with two small arms flanking the cockpit and a large red eye surrounded by white plating on either side. Unlike most Gunmen, its legs are set behind its face and arms; they are also quite long in proportion to its body, with backwards-jointed knees and flat, triangular feet that give it an ostrich-like gait. A long white thruster protrudes from its rear like a tail. The top of the Gunmen is quite flat, with a small seat/stand that allows it to carry a passenger in addition to its pilot.

As with most of the custom Gunmen used by the Dai-Gurren Brigade, it is unclear how much of the Einzer's design is part of its original specs and how much is the result of modifications made after it came into Iraak's possession.

Abilities and Armaments

The Einzer seems designed primarily for speed, using its long legs, low profile, and massive thruster to quickly travel across the battlefield. It can also rotate its thruster forward to act as a cannon, but Iraak usually prefers to let Yoko sit on top of the Gunmen, using it as a mobile sniping perch to shoot down enemy units while Iraak focuses on piloting.

During the Anti-Spiral War, the Einzer was also able to interface with its Space Gunmen counterpart, allowing Iraak to pilot it in a similar fashion as Gurren Lagann and the Arc Gurren Lagann.

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