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The Dayakkaiser (ダヤッカイザー, Dayakkaizā?) is one of Team Dai-Gurren's Gunmen units. Like most of the brigade's Gunmen, it was stolen from the Beastman Empire and customized. It has a cannon on top of its head, which fires explosive solid rounds.

It is unknown when Dayakka initially acquired this machine, but it was believed to around the time when Kittan acquired his own Gunmen, as the two seem to know each other well. Dayakka would only pilot it a few times, most notably during the siege of the Dai-Gunzan.

When the Dai-Gunzan was captured and renamed Dai-Gurren, Dayakka was chosen to be the new battleship's captain. As such, he gave Dayakkaiser to Kittan's sister, Kiyoh, who would pilot it for the remainder of the war. She mainly acted as support artillery because Kittan was hesitant to allow her to go into the front lines; however, she could also "combine" Dayakkaiser with King Kittan and Kiyalunga to form "King Kittan Deluxe".

Dayakkaiser Armed with Spiral Rounds

Believed destroyed after the human military replaced Gunmen with Grapearls, the Dayakkaiser was secretly maintained by Makken and Leite, who also equipped it with Spiral Power-based weaponry. This proved useful when the Anti-Spirals attacked the Earth following the birth of the one millionth human on the surface; when Grapearls failed to stop the Mugann, the Gunmen of Team Dai-Gurren were redeployed to face the threat. Dayakkaiser was now piloted by Yoko, bringing quite a shock to Dayakka when he saw it in the Arc-Gurren. It was during this time that it was discovered the original Spiral King-era Gunmen were all designed for space combat.

Space Dayakkaiser

Space Dayakkaiser

When the battle took to a grander scale, Leyte managed to manufacture several "Space Gunmen", Gunmen on the size of warships and carried appropriately sized-up firepower. Among the Space Gunmen manufactured by Leyte, Space Dayakkaiser in particular was equipped with many new weapons, such as arm-based rocket launchers and an exceedingly powerful cannon. Still piloted by Yoko (now through a cascade interface through the original Dayakkaiser), it served as long-ranged support during the initial assault on the Anti-Spirals. Notably, it is the only Gunmen (other than the Gurren Lagann) to survive the final battle with the Anti-Spirals.


  • In the movie continuity, Dayakkaiser is supplanted by the Yoko M Tank as Yoko's Gunmen of choice.