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The Dai-Gurren

Originally called the Dai-Gunzan (ダイガンザン, Daiganzan) while under the command of Thymilph, one of Lordgenome's four generals, it is essentially a walking battleship hundreds of times larger than conventional Gunmen, with numerous heavy artillery gun turrets and heavy armor. The arms attached to the control tower serves as the hangar bay launchers for its housed Gunmen. After its infiltration and acquisition by Simon, it is renamed the "Dai-Gurren" (ダイグレン, Daiguren) (although still referred to by its original name by the Beastmen) and remodeled to accommodate the Brigade members.

The Dai-Gurren sports a red color scheme and a different tower on the head as the original was destroyed when Simon took control of it using Lagann.

Dai-Gunzan, before becoming Dai-Gurren.

The Dai-Gurren serves as the flagship and mobile home of Team Dai-Gurren for the first part of the series until the battle of Tepplin where at the end, the Dai-Gurren's hull is self-detonated while the rest is ejected before being deactivated.

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Aesthetically, the Dai Gurren resembles the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren, albeit on a smaller scale, with the tower serving as the Gunman's face, and legs. It also replaced the face on the bow with a knife anchor and two thrusters. There are several Cannons both on the deck and the shoulders of the tower.

The alarm system of Parliament Tower in Kamina City is the same one used for the proximity alarm of Dai-Gurren.

Ironically, while it was Kamina's plan to take over the Dai-Gunzan, he would never command it, dying just moments after the victory.

In Parallel Works episode 8, many Dai-Gunzan are seen in Lordgenome's fleet. Aside from all being refitted with an additional bow-mounted drill, they otherwise do not cosmetically differ from the one in the series. However, the Dai-Gunzan seems to be the only one of its kind still in service, with the remaining fleet either destroyed or converted into the newer unnamed battleship gunman.