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Dai-Gundo is a Dai-Gun encountered by Team Dai-Gurren during the battle for Teppelin. It is the flagship of Divine General Guame, and his main mode of transport after the destruction of the Gember.

On the sixth day of the battle, Dai-Gundo arrived on the battlefield after Cytomander's Dai-Gunten already engaged the humans. It deployed its own Gunman forces to bombard Dai-Gurren from below, forcing the humans' Gunmen to split up. Unfortunately for the Beastmen, one Gunman was all Team Dai-Gurren needed to devastate Cytomander's air force, allowing the rest of the heroes to attack the grounded enemies-even moreso when further human-controlled Gunmen arrived to aid Simon's air battle.

When Dai-Gunten was destroyed, a large chunk of its remains fell on the Dai-Gundo, engulfing it in a massive fireball. However, the grounded flagship was completely unharmed by the impact and proceeded to retreat beneath Teppelin. There, Guame used his Dai-Gun to amplify his own Spiral Power, which, combined with Teppelin, created a massive tornado of energy that began sucking the humans in.

The Gurren Lagann attempted to stop the Dai-Gundo by drilling underneath it and attempting to pierce its underside. At first, this only pushed the fortress mecha up a little, and Guame countered by using the Dai-Gundo's thrusters to smash Gurren Lagann back down. However, doing so stabilized the Gurren Lagann, allowing its drill to pierce Dai-Gundo's armor. With that, Simon and Rossiu were able to reverse Dai-Gundo's spin, violating its union with Teppelin and dissipating its energy storm before lancing it clean through, causing it to explode.

The Dai-Gundo's means of locomotion was later adopted by the humans for the various vehicles they use (cars literally ran on legs, not wheels).

Abilities and Attributes

Dai-Gundo's carapace is extraordinarily resilient, able to take the impact of a falling Dai-Gunten without a scratch. It is propelled by many legs on its underside, and can travel at a decent clip. It is armed with a pair of tower-like cannons, but mainly relies on its hordes of Gunmen to attack enemies. Additionally, it has thrusters around its dome-like upper surface that can apparently push it into the air or back down to the ground, enabling the Dai-Gun to use its impressive bulk as a weapon.

It can also combine its strengths with Teppelin to form a whirling tornado of energy, which destroys anything that touches it and disrupts communications and navigation.


  • The "do" in its name can be translated as "earth", referring to it being a land-based unit.
    • The crewmen resemble anteaters, fairly fitting for the ship they control, as this one appears land-based.