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Cytomander the Swift (シトマンドラ, Shitomandora) is one of the Spiral King's Four Supreme Generals and the commander of Teppelin's aerial forces and owner of the flying battleship, the Dai-Gunten.



He's the most human-like of all the generals, having a few references to his avian genetic makeup in his rooster crest and peacock feathers.


Cytomander would usually conduct himself in a regal manner, addressing Lordgenome and the final three Supreme Generals with respect. However, when faced with the prospect of losing a battle to Team Dai-Gurren, he quickly switched to an insane lunatic with exaggerated facial features accented by his maniacal laughter. His personality quickly reverts to its "normal" state when he returns to Teppelin .


Beastmen War Arc

After Adiane's death, Cytomander personally goes after Team Dai-Gurren in the Dai-Gunten, forced to retreat after his battleship suffered massive damage. A month after that, on the 6th day of Team Dai-Gurren's assault on Teppelin, a maddened Cytomander leads a two-pronged attack with Guame in the Dai-Gundo, only to lose his life when his Gunmen Shuzack is rammed by the Dai-Gurren as it sinks the Dai-Gunten.


Cytomander's name (pronounced See-toh-man-dra) is based on the DNA chemical Cytosine and the elemental Salamander. His Gunmen, Shuzack, is based on the mythical Vermilion Bird, Suzaku.


  • In the English dub, Cytomander's name is spelled "Cytomanter" alongside the onscreen kanji, but is pronounced "Cytomandra" when his name is mentioned.