Cybela Coutaud

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Cybela Coutaud (シベラ・クトー Shibera Kutō) is a young woman who works under Rossiu in the New Government. She operates computers during her time under Rossiu. When Team Dai-Gurren departs to defeat the Anti-Spirals, she operates the computer systems of the Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. In the "alternate universe" scenes in Episode 26, Cybela is seen sleeping in a bed with Tetukan, implying that one (or both) of them desire to be in a romantic relationship. She is seen under Viral's command in the Epilogue at the end of Episode 27.


  • Her name is an anagram of the Japanese shirabe, which means "to search". Appropriately, she searches the New Government's databases for a match to the Mugann when they first appear in the series.
  • She and a younger Guinble Kite are seen at the start of The Lights in the Sky are Stars.
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