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This is a list of primary characters from the anime series Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann. Most of them are people who became the first members of Kamina's Team Gurren.

The plot of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is divided into two main story arcs, separated by a seven-year time skip. After the time skip, most characters pass through important changes in their appearances and/or personalities, and some of them have their own unique roles in the overall story.

Team Dai-Gurren Edit

  • Simon - Human, the main character of the show; Leader of Team Dai-Gurren and former Commander-in-Chief of the human race, and Lagann's pilot.
  • Kamina - Human, Simon's mentor, and idol, former pilot of Gurren, leader of Team Gurren.
  • Yoko Littner - Human, sniper, teacher.
  • Leeron - Human, Team Dai-Gurren's main mechanic, leader of coordination & communication, Chief of the Science Bureau.
  • Boota - Pig-Mole, Simon's pet, Team Dai-Gurren's mascot.
  • Nia Teppelin - Lord Genome's daughter, Anti-Spiral.
  • Rossiu Adai - Human, former pilot of Gurren, Commander-in-Chief of the human race.
  • Viral - Beastman/Immortal, formerly of Lordgenome's army, pilot of Gurren.
  • Lordgenome - Leader of the Beastmen, Spiral King, pilot of Lazengann, Bio-Computer of Team Dai-Gurren.
  • Leyte Jokin - Human, Chief engineer, skilled and ingenious mechanic, Makken's wife.
  • Makken - Human, Leite's husband, Moshogun pilot.
  • Dayakka - Human, former leader of Littner village, former Dayakkaiser pilot, Team Dai-Gurren Captain, Kiyoh's husband.
  • Kittan Bachika - Human, oldest of Beastman hunter group "Black Siblings," Chief of the Legal Affairs Bureau.
  • Kiyoh Bachika - Human, Dayakka's wife, Dayakkaiser pilot, oldest of Kittan's younger sisters.
  • Kinon Bachika - Human, second oldest of Kittan’s younger sisters, monitior of the radar, administrator of Kamina City.
  • Kiyal Bachika - Human, youngest of the Black Siblings, pilot of Kiyalunga.
  • Gabal Docker - Human, Team Dai-Gurren's helmsman, in charge of steering and maneuvering.
  • Zorthy Kanai - Human, pilot of Sozoshin.
  • Jorgun and Balinbow Bakusa - Humans, Twin Bouken pilots, Directors of the Public Affairs Department.
  • Kidd and Iraak Coega - Human, pilots of Ainzer, Human, pilot of Kidd Knuckle. respectively.
  • Tetsukan Littner - Human, monitor of ship condition, member of the control team for Dai-Gurren, member of the Science Bureau.
  • Attenborough Cortich - Human, Ship's happy trigger finger, member of Team Dai-Gurren, member of the Science Bureau.

Villains Edit

Beastman Army Edit

  • Thymilph - Beastman , The Crasher, One of the Four Beast Generals under the Spiral King, specialized in Heavy Fire Combat.
  • Adiane - Beastman , The Elegant, One of the Four Beast Generals under the Spiral King, specialized in water combat.
  • Cytomander - Beastman , The Swift, One of the Four Beast Generals under the Spiral King, specialized in air combat.
  • Guame - Beastman , The Immovable, One of the Four Beast Generals under the Spiral King, specialized in Ground Combat.

Anti-Spirals Edit

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