Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Wiki

Ashtanga are the battleships of the Anti-Spiral, used to both defend their space and attack Spiral races if the Mugann fail. Shaped like enlarged thumbs, they are surrounded by black arms and several grey Buddha like faces sporting a green jewel in each forehead, with the exception for the main head who has three. Each one has a probability negation shield, an ability to hide in subspace and to fling planets by unfolding their multiple arms. They can also open their mouths and emit a moaning scream to catch larger opponents like the recently formed Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann off-guard in order to fire tooth-shaped, probability altering missiles in a seemingly endless barrage.

These behemoths carry small fleets of Hastagry and Pada ships, Space Gunmen-sized vessels that are shaped like hands and feet with multiple faces in each digit or feature. They act deceptively slow to lower their enemies' guard before attacking with lethal precision, speed and strength.